Saturday, February 8, 2014

and goat shall come!

Heyyyy gs!!!!!!

Okay time to start this dang post.


Well this is a great post so far.

Well I already know a lot about TASM2 so I think I will be good to see the movie without watching any more trailers.

Wow you people are dumb as sticks. If you just go to youtube and read the description on the video you will know that the audio comes from this video of a spider called The Spider Who Couldn't Hide though don't watch it if you don't want to see a spider.

Tyt about my pictures.  Wow apparently I spent hours drawing that background just so everyone could be a little bit confused when they saw it I should have just left it blank I guess.  Or done a better job of drawing a con maybe

Yeah it is a really fun game!!!! Yeah I played most of the actual like story of the game during my winter break but I still have a lot of the game left to play so it's really slow going since I have school.

Tyt about my webcame pics. Yeah that was a good time.  Wow I just realized I didn't write a paragraph for each of those pics bc I forgot about that part of the game.  Ah well

Why do I have to take charge of the team effort????  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the team effort????

It don't matter.

Bc I have a lot of goodish urls and I can't choose between them

Well it's about month now at least.  Yeah I did I know bc we talked about it on our blog haha

No g last time I put slightly different pics.  This time I didn't put any pics of giggly PeterMJ bc I can't handle those pics anymore.

Yeah apparently there's only room for two female characters in this movie Aunt May and Gwen any others would be taking attention away from the 329583209 male characters and we can't have that

Okay you can have the job of organizing Quelf if you also have the job of organizing all the rest of the organizing

Yeah Kitty/Spock would be worthless bc poor Kitty but also bc anyone/Spock is worthless bc poor Peter.  Yeah but Kitty is super great!!! She's one of my very fave X-Men possibly even my most fave.

Yeah well maybe esp if I come home the weekend of my bday since it is on a Saturday this year.  Last year my bday was kind of sad bc I was alone.

Wow if it's possible to be on tumblr and not know that dang Let It Go song then I need to unfollow some more people or something.  I think it's from Frozen??? Or whatever that movie is.  Like I said Molly really likes listening to Disney songs and I guess that's her new fave.

Sounds like a nice day!!!! I wish to see a pic of that Marvel shirt or could you try describing it to me?  Dang those candles!!!! We should have bought one when we had the chance then we coulda smelled it all the time.  The only tricky thing would have been deciding which flavor bc they all smelled so good.  Dang you just dont know what you got till it s gone

Aw g I will try to be more negative I guess

Well heres a negative thing I'm so hungry but dang this weekend laziness theres nothing to eat

Okay well I used the google docs thing where you collaborate w famous writers to write this really sweet version of the Spider-Man theme song:
Spider-Wretched soul bruised with adversity, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can. Spins a gossamer of tulle, any size. Catches thieves, just like nimbly flies. Look out! Nevermore!  Here voraciously comes a Spider-Man.
Is a swaggering scoundrel, he strong? Harken, bud. He's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead. "Hey there!", he growled incoherently. There goes a Spider-Scoundrel.
In the chill of night, at the scene of a pretty wrong that liberty commits. Like a streak of light, he arrives just in time.
"Spider-Man" replied Oliver, "I want some more". Spider-Man. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Wealth as well as fame?  "He's ignored" said she, in the same hurried passionate whisper . Is action his reward?
To that magnanimous being, life is a great big bang-up. Whenever there's a hang-up,  you'll discover the Spider-Man!


I'm so bored I'm so bored

Okay I'm going to answer 100 questions but I'm going to answer them how Spider-Man might answer them

301. List 5 things you have not experienced that you would like to experience before you die.

A Saying "Avengers Assemble!"

Having a million dollars

C Hearing Jameson call me a hero

D Winning a science award thingy

E Oh wait I'm already dead.

302. Will you try to accomplish any of these things within the next year?
I kind of have bigger things to worry about like how I'm going to come back to life and other

303. What do you feel controlled by?
Doc Ock

304. If Jesus appeared to you and told you that the moon was made of green cheese would you believe him?
No because I've been to the moon and it's not cheese and believe me I know cheese

305. What is one thing you are sure of?
I love MJ!

306. At what part of the day do you feel the most alert?
When my spider-sense alerts me

307. Have you ever played in a band?
No but if there's ever a superhero band I want to be part of it and I have a long list of names we could call ourselves.

308. Have you ever stared into the ocean thinking 'early creatures crawled outta that'?
Yeah man isn't science awesome!?!?!?!

309. If not, what do you think of when you are staring into the ocean?
I hope nobody has pissed off Subby lately.

310. Do you like the mental challenge of chess or other games?

311. Do you ever think of where your atoms were before they were in you?
All the time.

312. Do you ever think about where your atoms will go after they have been in you?
Yeah crazy stuff.

313. If you didn't know that people couldn't fly do you think that you could?
People can fly!  Just ask Johnny! Or Carol! Or Jessica! Which isn't fair that she's also a spider and can fly and I can't!!!!

314. Are you someone that others call when they're having a problem and want to talk about it?
Unfortunately yes.

315. When it comes to literature, do you see beyond the writing and into the meaning intended by the author?
Literature's not really my thing.

316. Is there anything you can take apart completely, and then put back together, and have no left over parts?
Is that a challenge because I've been doing that since I was a kid!?!?  I could probably take apart Iron Man's armor and put it back together.  Not that Tony would ever let me do that...

317. What are your feelings about the death penalty?

318. If there was a god and you could ask him/her one question what would it be?
Why do you hate me?

319. Do you believe that life will be found on other planets?
There is life on other planets!!!! Just ask Venom...

320. What is something worth suffering for?

321. If you could put an extra eye on your body anywhere you wanted, where would you put it?
I don't want to grow any extra body parts...again.

322. Are you in touch with the earth and nature?

323. Would you rather live simply or extravagently?
Hmmm somewhere in the middle.

324. Have you ever been camping?
Yeah Uncle Ben took me camping once and I whined the whole time. I hate camping.

325. Is your heart open when you meet someone new?
Well ideally not!  Oh, do you mean metaphorically?

326. Are you able to have conversations with and become friends with people who are not like you and are interested in different things than you are?
Well I'm friends with Flash, aren't I?

327. Are strangers more beautiful or frightening to you?
Depends on how big they are.

328. What stops you from doing everything you want to do? 

329. Can you think of three adjective that do not apply to you at all?
Lucky...wealthy...Captain America.

330. How do you feel about Jeremy Jaynes, who got a nine year prison sentence for spamming people with junk email (

331. Do you know who the current premier of China is?

332. Are you very active?

333. Is there a city that reminds you of the landscape of your brain?
Well my brain used to look like New York but now it looks more like a barren dessert or something.

334. Have you ever loved someone who has loved you back?

335. Is it really being 'in love with' someone if the other person doesn't love you?
I guess???

336. Do you believe that there is someone perfect for everyone or that people just fall in love with who ever they are with at the time?

337. Do you know secret things?
I know my own secret thing...And Daredevil's which isn't really secret anymore.

338. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have?
Gwen :(

339. How do you overcome your fears?

340. What can you do better than anyone you know?
I can spin a web any size and catch thieves just like flies. Though apparently Doc Ock is "superior" so never mind.

341. Would you benefit from a wilder existence?
Hey what's more wild than swinging around the city in tights???

342. Does it seem to you like the range of socially acceptable behavior is getting smaller or larger?

343. Have you ever fired a gun?

344. Are people becoming more afraid of each other?
Ummm maybe?

345. If you had to choose the percentage of freedom vs. safety what ratio would you decide on (ex: 100% free 0% safe)?
Is this a SRA thing?

346. Does safety stifle you?
Well what I do isn't usually safe so I guess if I had to think about my own safety all the time that would stifle me.

347. Who or what needs to be stopped?
Doc Ock.

348. Are human beings becoming more domesticated?
I don't know...does this not apply to mutants?

349. Do you follow the lives of the British Royal Family?
I can barely follow my own life.

350. How did the death of Pope John Paul II ( affect you? 
It didn't.

351. Have you ever lost something and never found it?
So many.

352. Do you listen to any talk radio shows?

353. Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?
My parents are dead.

354. Would you ever date someone outside of your race or religion?
I kissed an alien once.

355. Which of the 7 deadly sins in the worst (gluttony, greed, pride, lust, envy, wrath, sloth)?
This is a stupid question.

356. Which one are you most guilty of?

357. Are you afraid to be alone with yourself?

Do you try to avoid thinking?

358. Would you venture to tell someone you loved him or her if they didn't say it first?

359. What are you the most sensitive about?
I don't know!!!

360. What can you talk about for hours?

361. Do you talk about yourself, other people, or ideas the most?
All three. I talk a lot...

362. Do you believe that spell casting can work?
I've seen it work.

363. Are you a fan of The Legend of Zelda games?

364. What old movie would you go see if it were re-released in the movie theaters?
The Wrath of Khan

365. Is there a celebrity that you would be too starstruck to talk to if you met them?
Leonard Nimoy.

366. Have you ever left a mean unsigned note?
No I always sign my mean notes.

367. Do you think it's cheesy to paste things you didn't write into your diary?
I don't have a diary.

368. What are three things that you try not to think about?
If I told you then I'd have to think about them! And now I'm thinking about them! Thanks a lot!

369. Is casual sex acceptable for you?
Uh no.

370. What form of sexual protection do you use?
Ehhhh next question.

371. What is expected of you that you feel is unnatural or not right?
Answering questions about sex.

372. Do you sometimes place your own expectations on other people?
Yeah like sometimes I expect people not to commit crimes, and they just go and do it anyway and I have to punch them in the face.

373. Do you sometimes act overeager to make friends when you are around strangers? No, why would you think that?

374. Do you take everything that is said literally?
Take it where?

375. Do you take most things others say seriously?
Super seriously.

376. Do you have a quick wit?
My wit has spider-speed.

377. Do you believe in the need for political correctness?

378. Do you have strong opinions and beliefs?
About some things...

379. If yes, can you still hang out with and be friends with people who disagree with you?
It really depends on what they disagree with me about...

380. Are you uptight?

381. Do you sometimes do risky things?
Nah never

382. Could just about anyone hold your interest in a conversation for at least ten minutes?

383. Are you self-conscious?

384. What would be your ideal destination for a Saturday afternoon?
My bed.

385. Does anyone have a video tape of you doing something embarrassing?
Unfortunately there's a website for that kind of thing.

386. What is Kevin Smith’s( best movie?

387. Where do you like to go on Friday or Saturday nights?
My bed.

388. Do you like your friends to act the same way all the time or do you accept their moods and changes?
Everything's fine until they start trying to kill me.

389. Do you often feel like other people are judging you?
Well they probably are.

390. What do you think other people judge you to be like? 
A menace.

391. Are you quick to judge others?

392. When you have a fight with someone do you want to talk about it right away or calm down first and then talk?
It's probably better to calm down first.

393. Some say love is a river (according to the old song). What do you say love is?

394. What is the worst fault a person can have?
Killing people.

395. Do you have it?

396. Which do you think has more impact on a person’s character, genetics or environment?

397. Who was your first best friend?

398. If you are not best friends anymore, what came between you?
He died.

399. Who have you read a biography about?
A lot of people.

400. What would your own autobiography be called?
How Not to be a Superhero.  And the subtitle would be: don't make the same mistakes I did, kids.

Okay that was something.

I'm still bored and more hungry.

Okay here's a vid that I made.  Dang those PeterMJs.  Dang that santa buddy guy who sings this song

Okay time for the game.  I'm gonna draw a pic of something that happened in my day but I'm gonna gonna draw it in paint w my mouse and I'm gonna spend five seconds on it
Here's what happened: I was in my room just chillin when I heard an alarm and Molly and I were like what the heckie so we went out into the hallway and there was like everyone else in our hall standing out in the hallway like what the heckie and turns out it was the fire alarm but there was no fire.

Okay I'm gonna do this thing that's sort of like that other thing but it's not

1. Peter/MJ
2. Peter/Johnny
3. Thor/Jane
4. Steve/Tony
5. Charles Erik

 1.   Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5?
Uh I don't remember the first scene but it was when I watched X-Men first class.

2.   Have you ever read a fan fiction about 2?
Yeah haha

3.   Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr ID?

4.   If 3 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?

5.   Why is 1 so important?

6.   Is 4 a funny ship or a serious ship?
It's p serious

7.   Out of all your ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?

8.   Of all the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?

9.   How many times have you read/watched 2’s fandom?
How do you read/watch a fandom?  Well I don't even know what that would mean but I've read the Spider-Man/Human Torch trade like three times but I mean that's not all they're in so idk

10. Which ship lasted the longest?
Hmm tough question. I mean between PeterMJ and JohnnyPeter Peter's known Johnny longer.  But then obviously Charles and Erik have known each other longer than that but they aint always nice to each other sooooo idk.

11. How many times, if ever, has 5 broken up?
Haha well idk I haven't read the X-Men comics really but probably a lot.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive, 1 or 3?
Uuuum well Thor and Jane would probably do better in a zombie apocalypse but I think Peter and MJ could hold their own too...

13. Did 4 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?
Um haha well no

14. Is 5 still together?
No bc Charles is dead

15. Is 1 canon?

16. If all five ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple would win?
Thor and Jane

17. Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 5’s ship?
Why would anyone want to do that?

18. Which ship(s) would you defend to the death and beyond?

19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?
No I don't know if they have one or not

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the five ships to break up forever, 
which ship would you sink?
Charles and Erik sorry

Dang there's still 2 hours left but I can't think of any more darn things that can go in this post!!!!!

Well we tried.

Have a nice day!!!!

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