Thursday, February 6, 2014

baby bunnies

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok para well you should at least organize the team effort of Making Comic Con Happen like take charge of making every body take charge of it or

i informed dad of that around christmas time?? why does it matter??

ok well then why not use aunt-may

well a month til your spring break dont seem that long to me tho i guess its a lil over a month but whatev. i kno last year you came home in like feb or something but whatev

haha icqcml at how you put those same pics from the tasm2 filming and said basically the same things as before but that tbh is understandable. the other day i saw that mj on motorcycle pic on my dash and i almost wanted to die

yeah thats really frickin rusty that theres all those villain guys but not a lil bit of room for lil mj. what a hecked up world we're in

ok i'll be in charge of organizing quelf for comic con. that'll be my job

ok that clone saga pic really clears things up

wow no i do not ship kitty/spock no thank you. i dont relaly even kno kitty but i would not wish that upon her. i wish to kno her tho

well tyt about my answers!

oooooooo yea come home for a weekend in april!!!! haha im guessing "other" means celebrate your bday

i liked your vid g but i didnt really kno what i was seeing

ok thats what i thought was that they were at a con but i didnt kno

dang it icqcme to see that lego mj in action

nice talk about comics time!! yea i saw that petermj pic on our blog and i was like dang it

tyt for naming our villains

haha nice photos of yu!!!!!!!!! haha haaaaaaagriiiiiid

nice answers!!! icqcml again

cool fun fact about your roommate. i dont kno this let it go song you're talking about but ok

cool fun fact about you. i wish i didnt kno this petermj you're talking about

wow gob was serious this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aw g i could not even explain rusty if i tried. tho i explained why everything is so rusty. haha usually me and para say things and you never ask about them like one time para was like "wow gob you never even asked what beep boop bop was about" icqcml whenever i think about that

thats a nice sno pic g

ok today was a p good day like i had a yummy lunch of baked sweet potato and spicy veg. sausage altho it sucked on ice that i had to go make it right when para chatted to me but it had to be done cuz i had my potat in the oven and my sausage had to be made. then i went to target and i got some stuff for cleaning my room which is what i went there for and i also got a dress and a lil marvel shirt. tho those cant be worn until its warm so please hurry that up. and i got some good sounding frozen things. tho para i have some disturbing news. our candles are no longer there??? like there were dif candles in their regular spot and then i didnt see them in the whole aisle of candles!!!!!!!! there were some others that did have a good smell to them but they just werent the same blehhhh. also i saw red orbs. then i cleaned my room some

we should go to target on your spring break para

wow i dont wanna take a pic agian. how bout you can draw a pic of your day if you wanna. or take one

heres a pic of the stuff i got at target. i think its pretty self explanitory. i might have forgotten some stuff. icqcme to eat my froz things. icqcme to wear my clothes. icqcme to use my cleaning stuff. i already used my gloves. i bought them cuz i hadnt any gloves w me and yet i had cold finges and these gloves cost me two dollars.

ok again theres not enough negativity on this blog. every time i look at posts from posts this time last year i am so pleased.

i love my guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats what mj would say if she posted on thegoblog

but thats also what im sayin

ok im making a lil prog on my room so i'll soon be able to read my petermj




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