Saturday, February 15, 2014


heyyyyyyy gs

bleh when will everyone go the heck to bed

ok well you and gob be the avengers of planning comic con, and i'll be the lazy lazy villain. tho i wont try and stop it from happening. ill just laze around. jk. it sounds like we're now going for cousin in mn so i wont be the loki of that. tho gob will be the captain america but ill be someone. but yeah haha at first i thought loki was in the avengers and hawkeye was the villain. for some reason whenever i hear the name hawkeye i think the person is a villain like i first thought that when i heard there was a hawkeye in fma. tho i dont kno if i would think that if i heard about a new hawkeye. but what does this mean for our cat

goosbag about avengers 2 filming!!!!!!!!

nah g ya didnt heck up w the mj pics. i just thought it was funny, is what i was first saying

dang i guess i better not watch anything else w kitty ever so i dont get my disappointment. jk

yea same a lot of things annoy me more than frozen. like the fact that i cant even kno what im typing in this post cuz some ppl watching colbert so loud and i dont really like this sho

yea i mostly bought the shirt cuz i liked the style of it but i was also pretty concerned about that guy possibly being a glug. well icqcme to meet this falcon guy. wait is he that one guy?????

but wait why did you ask me how you unfriend someone in real life when he was a guy you could jus break up with?? haha did you really take his ipod icqcml

aw g well doubtful you would wanna make a valentines dinner if you were here. yeah i'll put the pics and stuff later in the post

yea spring could maybe not be sprung for many months. wow im p sure last winter i wasnt even v excited for spring so that was something but this year i so much want it. i just remembering being angry that it was snowing in the middle of april cuz i wanted to get spring over with and that wasnt helping. tho it turned out we just skipped over spring. please not that again

wait so like we look on your computer screen and we two play lego marvel with the remotes??? well yea we will have to try that awwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i dont even kno what ive been saying

nice talking bout comics time

nice dinner i gess

nice spider-man answers

nice cupcake and cupcake pic!!!!!!!!! why and how and where did you decorate that cuppy

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow that was a really such good one. it made me shed a tears almost and put a lotta feelings in me daaaaaaaaaang

ok why do these dummies always watch to the end of colbert every time even tho theres nothing after the guest comes on? what are they expecting


tyt for your very important answers to questions

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOUR PIIIIIIIIIIICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG IT ALL THOSE ARE YOUR WORST PICS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang it just dang everything

ok gob how is all that coming w/ figuring out your summer stuff and cousin camp and things

aw g if i have to explain why its good that elementary exists then..........i dont wanna

that is very mysterious about your dad

haha that thing about house of cards reminds me of the day that arrested development s4 came out, i spent the whole day waiting to watch it and then it came out late-ish at night and i fell asleep within the first like 2 mins of watching it

well i would not say that only those kinda people might go to the library. well thank you for sharing that very inspiring photo w/ us. i agree that it truly speaks for itself

ok yesterday at work there for some reason was a lil boy dressed in a spider-man costume and he bought a hot dog!!!!!!!!!!

this morning i woke up and one of my hands was like against my head board and i think my head was resting against that hand and the hand felt like jello and rubber and like i couldnt figure out how to move it for a sec?? i think all the blood was out of it or????

ok not last night but the night before i had a dream about seeing a new marvel movie. im not sure if it was avengers 2 or some other movie coming before that one. i think a lil of both. but the movie had a big cliffhanger at its end that was supposed to continue in maybe avengers 2 or something? and it was like hmmmm i shoulda written it down before this but when i woke up that morn, i hadnt time so all i wrote down were the ppl that were in it. they were tony, hulk, thor, steve, and venom. haha what even. ok i think it was like venom had been kidnapped or something like that??????? and tony was making a big thing of it and was really angry and was like holding all these trials to figure out who done it. and he already decided that the hulk was guilty but then the trials were continuing. and at the end of the movie thor was gonna be on trial but then he wasnt but then steve was but then he maybe wasnt?? but then it ended and that was like a big cliffhanger. and i was upset cuz i wanted to see those two getting it good. also i saw the movie w mom and she was being really annoying and i think dad and noah were also there but in a dif row. that was real mean of us to see it w/out para. then i woke up and i was upset that it had been a dream cuz it seemed like a really great movie. then i fell back asleep and had a dream that i was telling para about the first dream. haha the day before that dream mom was watching american idol and i happened to be there and the ep had like this big dramatic cliffhanger at the end so thats prob why i dreamed that up for my movie

wow also last night i had a dream that we were at tgiving and i brought a friend w me and seth brought literally 50 friends w him and i think they were all from africa or something? and they liked to play music maybe??? wow. there was some more to the dream but

goos tomorrow we're finally goin to din w relatives like we been tryna do since the beginning of jan

ok well today i made my valentines inner and it was a real good eat. i'll jus show the pics and say about them but i aint saying a whole paragraph for each one

salad with pears and shallots

polenta with fontina and roasted vegetables

the whole shebong

orange chocolate mousse

also heres just them roasted pears

and the roasted vegetables

also heres another pic frm today:

this heres a whole box of thor valentines that mom gave me haha. at first she gave me just a whole sheet of them cuz she couldnt choose which to give and then she gave that whole box. noah got a box of x-men ones. crazy day!!!!!

ok i thought i might have to post this a lil late but it looks like i'll be finishing on tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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