Tuesday, February 11, 2014

to smash the goat!

Heyyy gs!!!!!

Starting this posts at 7:30 pm instead of like...well actually that's p normal.

Okay I get that the video was embedded so you didn't automatically read the description but usually the thing to do when you are confused about a video is to read the description????  Like you could have gone looking there for answers and you would have found some????  Why did you just do that in the first place if you were confused????

Actually there are 400 questions so far.

Tyt about my vid!

Wow I'm glad we didn't have to stand out in the cold for a long time bc there wasn't even a real fire and also I had just taken a shower and I was wearing shorts that would have been bad since it was really cold outside.

Well I don't know if I love Elementary but I feel really good about it.  Idk if I will ever want to watch it but I'm glad to know that it exists.

Nice food pics Gob tho I don't like bubble tea.  That reminds me of when we went to the mall of america tho and we all got bubble tea.  Dang if we don't have cousin camp at comic con we should definitely have in in mn and go to the mall of america again!!!!

Aw g inbd about the background it's just kind of annoying to spend so long on something and then realize well maybe you should have done something else

Okay but can you just be the Captain America of planning comic con and not me??? Can I be the Spider-Man of planning it and I'm just here for comic relief????

Oh I thought I put in a pic last time of them shaking hands and said something about that.  Tbh I couldn't really remember what I said about them last time and I didn't bother to check so

Well if Quelf is your only job then I guess it aint happening

Well Kitty is in X-Men: The Last Stand but tbh that's not a v good movie and I'm not fond of how Kitty was handled in that movie either.  She's also going to be in DOFP but yeah her part in that movie probably won't be v big because dang Wolverine's gonna be the main guy I guess. Um you could read some comics w Kitty or you could watch Wolverine and the X-Men or idk.

Wow I didn't know Noah made that powerpoint I thought he just reblogged it. Well that would have been more clear to me if I could see his dang tags but.  Okay that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen what even is that boy doing on this earth????  Well a lot of ppl I follow liked Frozen even tho it's apparently racist idk really. I want to get rid of it from this earth but how

The second guy on your shirt is the Falcon!!!!!!!!!! He's super cool!!!!!! You're in luck because soon you will know him when you watch Cap2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyt about our Spider-Man song

Peter wants to say tyt about his answers and also that he has the worst PeterMJs of all bc he loves MJ the most!!!!!!!

Tyt about my vid!!!!!!!!!

Wow Noah is a glug.

Nice ship answers!!!  I'd think like looking through a ship's tumblr page would mean like if someone was looking through our PeterMJ blog but idk

Nice breakfast

Okay here's a thing about my day.  Um well I woke up and then I chilled a lil bit and then I had lunch and then I went to class and then I did homework and I talked to my g and my mother on gmail and then I had dinner and then I wrote this post

Hm what could I draw from that day???? Okay I'll draw my din
It was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and salad. Um what else can be said about it?  It had an okay taste to it but it wasn't that great. The best part was the mashed potatoes bc well I just usually like mashed potatoes.

Okay well Hob wanted negativity so here is some. Well I just broke up w my bf the other day tho that's not the negativity the negativity is that I'm gonna tell you HOW MUCH I HATE HIM
*Okay so he is super racist he is the most racist person ever how do people like this exist???
*He is also really ableist like he always called things retarded and is like omg I'm so retarded and okay like last week he had an interview for a job working w disabled people and I REALLY HOPE HE DOESN'T GET THAT JOB because I fear for those people having to deal with him!!!!!
*He always makes this annoying clicking sound that I hate and I told him to stop but he kept doing it!!!!!!
*When we watched movies together he would always try to distract me from the movie like dude we're watching a movie stop it
*Also he smokes and that makes him smell really bad and I didn't want to kiss him after he did that bc gross
*One time I asked him to quiz me on some terms for a history exam and he asked me one term and I told him what I thought I had written down there and he was like wow you memorized that word for word and then he gave me back my notebook and he looked really disgusted that I had apparently studied hard enough to memorize something???  But the truth was I hadn't really memorized it but what I wrote in that notebook was my own words so I just remembered it or coincidentally said the same thing I wrote before I guess.  Anyway the point is that I didn't even study those terms v hard I only looked them over like one time but even if I HAD there's nothing wrong with studying hard for an exam and it felt really bad that he was like judging me for studying.
*He keeps cookies in his refrigerator???? Why would you do that??? They get really hard if you do that and taste bad????
Anyway the point is I'm glad to be rid of this scumbag.

Okay enough about me more about Spider-Man

He's gonna answer 100 more questions.

401. Some say that high school is the best time of your life. Was that true for you?
Nooooooooooo oooooooo ooooo high school sucked!!!!!

402. What do you find yourself encouraging others to try?
I find myself trying to encourage others not to commit crimes.  And my fists are very encouraging.

403. Which is better: Mel Brooks or Woody Allen?
Me Brooks

404. When was the last time you were up all night?
When was the last time I wasn't up all night?

405. __ is life. The rest is just details. Fill in the blank.

406. Are people too complex and different to be categorized?
In some ways yes in some ways no???

407. Is it good to have pride in your own race or does that separate people from each other because it makes them think of everyone else as 'outsiders'?
Let's just say you don't want to be the Magneto OR the Professor X

408. What fictional story would you like to live through?
A story where no one dies.

409. Are cats or dogs smarter?

410. Have you ever guessed someone's password and broken into their diary?
What is it with these questions and diaries?  The only person I know who has a diary is Frank Castle. And I do NOT want to read his diary. It's most definitely full of murder.

411. What teacher, if any, has effected you the most in your life?
Dr. Connors.

412. Are you more easily bored or excited?

413. What's the bravest or most daring thing you have ever done?
I've done a lot of stupid things in my life and I can't keep track of them all.

414. "What's the point of robbery when nothing is worth taking?" (- Adam Ant)
Am I supposed to respond to this??? If that's your only reason for not robbing people...well you're probably a bad person and I don't like you.

415. If your man or woman served you breakfast in bed as a treat what would you want?
"My man or woman"???? Okay well I'd rather serve them breakfast in bed I don't know I don't want anything. Wheatcakes.

416. What do you do only when you are upset?
I turn into the Hulk.

417. What's the oddest CD in your collection?
People still own CDs?

418. What's the best diary name you ever saw?
War Journal

419. What would your friends be surprised to learn about you?
That I'm Spider-Man.

420. Who owes you an apology?
Norman Osborn.

421. Who deserves an apology from you?
Gwen Stacy.

422. How would you like to treat your kids differently from the way your parents treated you?
I wouldn't abandon them.

423. Which do you like best: 60's, 70's or 80's fashion?

424. What is the worst pick up line ever used on you?
Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot... kidding, kidding!

425. Of the following, which word best describes you: inventive, kinetic (energetic), light-hearted, mature

426. Do you own a record player?
Do you use it?
I don't own one!

427. How easily do you make friends?
Not easily at all!

428. What is the difference between having character and being a character?
I don't know...

429. Are there any animals you flat out refuse to touch?

430. Do you care about your weight?
Uh no

431. Did you/will you go to the prom?
I did and it was a very humiliating experience.

432. Have you ever wanted to date twins?
Like both at the same time????  I can honestly say I have never wanted that.

433. What one thing would you change about high school if you could?
Everything. Well maybe everything except the spider-bite.

434. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
Warning: spider-strength and bad jokes. Do not ingest.

435. Are you artistic and creative?
Not very artistic, but I can be creative when I need to be.

436. What were you (probably) doing on this date last year?
I was still dead.

437. What are you obsessed with?

438. What was the last compliment you received?
Doc Ock said I was extremely handsome.  I'm blushing just thinking about it.

439. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Not that I am aware of. Oh, unless you count my clone.

440. Who would you like to be alone with right now?

441. Do you push people away when you really want them to come closer?
Well I try not to.

442. Is a prenuptial agreement necessary or does it take the romance and trust out of marriage?
That's up to you and your partner.
443. Do you lie your way out of things?
All the time.

444. Are you better at talking or listening?

445. What will only happen to you once in this lifetime?
Hopefully this whole bodyswap thing and me being dead.

446. Know of any conspiracy theories you think might be credible?
I think maybe Nick Fury has a portal to Hogwarts under his eye patch.

447. What are the most beautiful words that have ever been spoken to you?
Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot. And I'm not kidding this time!

448. If it were legal would you own a human slave (race unimportant)?

449. Have you ever read your own writing at a poetry reading?

450. What is one simple thing that gives you the happy shivers?

451. What do you do for exercise?
Swing around on webs and beat people up.

452. Would you rather have a strict teacher with a sense of humor or a lenient teacher that doesn't teach?
The first one.

453. If you ever have a baby what might you want to name it?
May or Ben...

454. If you won free tickets to a concert from a radio show and had to choose between Inxs, Poison, Blondie and Moby, which would you choose?
Whichever one MJ wanted to go to.

455. Are you a good cook?

456. Do you prefer when things come with no assembly required, even if they are a bit more expensive?
Nah I'd rather assemble it myself than pay more for it. Then at least I get to assemble SOMETHING. Insert angry cough at the Avengers.

457. Start a sentence with the words: what if
What if I hadn't let that thief run past me and I had stopped him and he hadn't shot Uncle Ben and Uncle Ben hadn't died and and

458. Are you more spontaneous and unpredictable or loyal and routine?
The first one

459. What is the highest number you can count to in your head?
This is a stupid question! Obviously I could count to any number in my head if I had the time but I'm not going to do that because that's stupid!

460. How do you go about losing weight?
I actually try to avoid losing weight.

461. Do you have street smarts?
Heck yeah

462. Do you have a lot of common sense?
I have a lot of spider-sense...

463. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

464. What's your favorite movie that involves dancing?
Uh that one that MJ made me watch.  I don't remember the name.

465. Would you ever want to become a guest on a talk show? If yes what would the show's theme be?
I've been a guest on many a talk show.  Usually the theme is look how Spidey screwed up this week.

466. Do you like the way you look naked?
Ummmmm... I'm not opposed to it but I'm not... I mean it's not like I... next question.

467. Have you ever dissected an animal?

468. Who do you know who is brilliant?
Reed Richards

469. Who do you know who is dull?
Rhino. Don't tell him I said that.

470. Do you ever think about time travel?
Yeah I do especially when people like the Fantastic Four keep bothering me about it.

471. What is one interesting fact you know?
The biomass of all bacteria on Earth is more than all the plants and animals combined!!!!

472. Do you talk to yourself?
Yeah. It's a real problem.

Do you talk to your pets?
I don't have any pets.

473. Do you believe that humankind has a future in space (will we live there some day)?
Well I think the Fantastic Four have already lived in space so probably.

474. Would you rather wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or more delicate outfits?
The first one.

475. How do you 'live life to the fullest'?
Well I probably don't.

476. Are you sloppy or a neat freak?
I'm a sloppy.

477. Would you rather have a trunk full of nickels or half a trunk full of dimes?
Well it would be the same so dimes I guess. But unless you're actually going to give me money don't tease me with questions like this.

478. What is the worst mistake you've ever made?
Letting the man who killed Uncle Ben run past me.

479. Are you in good health?
No I'm dead.

480. Are you patriotic?
If by patriotic do you mean do I own Captain America underwear then yes.

Let's play fact or crap.

Is it a fact? Or is it crap?

481. The greenhouse effect is bad for your health.
I guess it's both good and bad because I mean without it you would die but also

482. There are about as many molecules of air in one breath as there are hairs on your head.
No there are way more molecules.

483. The Miss America pageant started out as a contest in which people decorated wheel chairs and one chair was judged the prettiest.
Probably not but that'd be cool!

484. To remove a tattoo a physician can place a small balloon under the skin, which is inflated so that the tattooed skin gradually stretches. Then they cut the stretched skin away.

485. Cock fighting is a sexual sport.
I guess if you want to think about it that way...

486. It is the warmest time of the day during the hour that the sun is the highest in the sky.

487. Certain scientists specialize in studying cow farts.
I wouldn't put it past some of the scientists I know.

488. The brilliant colors (reds, oranges, yellows) across the sky that we get from sunsets are caused mainly by pollution.

489. In Grimm's original fairy tale, Rapunzel is pregnant.
I don't know???

490. Dracula was the first movie about a vampire.
Could be.

491. The inventors of Corn Flakes, the Kellogg brothers, ran a school for delinquent youth.
Uh I don't know.

492. "Kemo Sabe" means "soggy shrub" in Navajo.

493. Sir Thomas Crapper invented the toilet.

494. The Earl of Sandwich invented the Sandwich.
I think so.

495. Some Chinese alchemists were trying to invent an immortality medicine and accidentally invented gunpowder instead.
Probably not.

496. The human body is made of about 99% water.

497. Bubble gum contains rubber.
I don't know!

498 This survey to the zero power = 0.
No, it would be 1.

499. Most lipstick contains fish scales.
I don't know!

500. There are 86401 seconds in day.
That's one too many???

Okay those questions were too hard to answer bc Spider-Man is a lot smarter than me and also they were getting boring at the end.

Bleh I'm trying to upload this vid but it keeps messing up. For some reason it keeps messing up the video in this specific part.  Bleh I'm too lazy to figure it out right now I'll just save this video for later even though I wanted to put it in this post.  Also my internet keeps not working bleh

Dang there's not that much PeterMJ in this post tho.  Well I guess there's some in those questions thanks Pete.

Okay well I think Hob just wants me to post this so have a nice day!!!

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