Saturday, February 22, 2014

tiring day so a short post

heyy gs.

ahh the reason i started a post and didn't finish it is because i realized i had an assignment due at midnight that day and i had to finish it like right up until midnight.  and then i was going to finish the post after midnight but i fell asleep.  and then i was going to do it the next day but i had a super busy day and so on.

i'm just going to put some of the stuff i had from my old post into this post too.

wow that's a crazy dream para!  i wish i had dreams with really cool stuff and not just boring stupid stuff.  i had a weird dream last night but i can't remember what it was because i didn't write it down or anything.  i just remember it being really weird and really scary.

i don't know anything about guardians of the galaxy really but i watched the trailer that came out today and it looks really cool!  wow i did not know john c. reily was going to be in it.  wow also i did not know karen gillan was going to be in it.  haha i think rocket raccoon is going to be my favorite of the guardians.  is it like going to tie into the avengers movies eventually in any way though?

wow...i honestly did not think this was ever going to really happen! like i had heard rumors  off and on for awhile about heroes being continued and i thought they might just do a comic book series continuation but this is crazy that are actually bringing heroes back on nbc.  it's going to be a 13 episode stand-alone story arc.  i wonder if they are actually going to bring back all of the characters from the show or if it is going to be a "new generation" type thing.  or maybe they will have one or two of the originals but mostly new people.  idek.  there's something on one of the news articles about it that says there will be an online series before the new episodes to introduce the new characters and storylines but idk if that means there will only be new characters or not.

wow i'm tired because i had to wake up at like 9 am this morning so i'm just going to finish this post real quick. this wasn't much of a post but there's always next time.

here's a soda i tried today!  it was good but kinda weird.  it tasted pretty much like a more gingery version of ginger ale which make sense because ginger is in the name of both sodas haha.  also the "spicy" referred to this little bit of a kick the soda had.  what was weird about it though is that first the soda tastes kinda normal when you take a sip but then the spiciness hits you like a second or two later.

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