Thursday, October 31, 2013

wild chickens: divorce!

heyyyyyyyyy gs

happy halloween i guess

aw gob how come you like always almost forget to post but you never actually forget

wow lately ive only had a few tabs open at a time but i know how stressful it can be to have a million open bleh. especially when it really slows down your computer

aw g para well i have 14 jamz as i said so what does that tell you? idk what it tells me so

oh ok i guess i did know that was a cover but i forgot

yeah same icqcme for xmas already too. wow ive been so done w/ halloween since like october 1st probably and i kept thinking it was over even though idk why

yeah it has snowed a lil bit so. wow i think fall and spring have been deleted just sayin

ok well i see too many kids so my appreciation for them has decreased even more. altho i am not gonna lie i saw a really cute and small wolverine the other day. also theres a certain age of kids that ok like 7 or under maybe.

well its not that its a super alliterative name its just really stupid idk. altho its less stupid now that i know that noah didnt make it up

wowwwwwwwwwwww "there wasnt room for two girls" what the actual f. these casting people or whoever + fanboys need to simmer down wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

nooooooooo my second best ship D: D: D:::::::::::

oh ok. u could just eat gummy octupusses and hot cheez its on weekends then

tyt for the advice

oh yeah haha i actually thought of that exact game a few weeks ago but then i forgot but yeah thats a good one we should do that

ok para well how will you even know until a few days before if you can get a ride? cant we just assume that you can idk we really need a straight answer over here so....................

yes we want some more gob pics!!! and some hob pics!!!!!!!!

nice pics!!!! wow that first one is pretty amazing omg

omfg for some reason hawkeye keeps stealing the drain stopper things from the sinks in our house like the one from the first floor bathroom ended up in the basement and then the upstairs hall bathroom one was taken out and left in the sink and its like we havent seen her doing it but idk who else could be doin it. also she was standing in the sink looking down the drain so. wow w h y

ok wtf its like 10 pm and mom and dad just decided that the'yre going to boston for the weekend and they're leaving tomorrow.............o.............k..............................

wow unlike for some ppl, this weekend is gonna suck on ice for me. at least i have off on sunday but  i have to work for EIGHT HOURS on fri and SEVEN ON SAT and like tomorrow theres no school for the children for some unknown reason and so its gonna be so crazy and im gonna be there alone for part of it yeah i wanna die. i feel like i already said all this but who cares. mayb i'll get chipotle after work tomorrow at least that will be somethin

*no work
*ok this happened yesterday but there was this big glug thing that finally got sorted out and its such a relief
*actually another thing got sorted out today and it was a smaller thing but its still a relief
*i finally got added to a shift for my volunteer job

*i acutally kinda wish i had worked tonight because there would prob be no one there since all the children would be trick or treating and its like if i was there then i would get paid to give candy and stuff to children instead of being home and giving candy to children for free so
*no food or drink in the house basically
*everyone grumped around the house

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