Friday, January 31, 2014

it's a little small

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs


well thats a good start for now. gtg get ready for work

ok i should have wrote more of my post earlier like started it earlier cuz now im exhausted and i dont wanna do this


doi because if he leaves your body in a ditch somewhere it could prob be traced back to him???????

no i will not be the person to take charge of comic con. i suggest it be the girl who made comic con her goal for this year..........................

ok icqcme to see what fun new game gob comes up w/

yeah it seems ive heard a lot more about avengers 2 than fantastic four tho that could be for other reasons but

ok well like i said in my post you obv do have some time to play video games cuz every night basically you're like im bored and i assume you have some other free time and if the prob is that you dont think to play a video game, well that doesnt seem like a real reason, but whatev

ok i will try to get those answers outta noah

what you.........just order things w that card like you would a credit card basically? idg whats the prob

i want to go to indiana to? visit my relatives that i have that live there!!! amazing!!!! what am i gonna do there well i dont kno go to some kinda music fesitval for one thing and see a baby and who knos what else. oh ok now i remember mom saying she was thinking of going a place during that week but i dont think she really is. ok what the heck those ppl have gone on more trips in the last year than in the last 100 years just about. this is unbelievable

aw g but what could be a better url than aunt-may. i guess auntmay. if you had that one you would surely use it right?

ok i dont really kno this quicksilver boy but still that look a mess indeed

well yea peter would be reading that book at some point when petermj. or at least when he knows mj or

ok pls bring me your peterjohnny trade. and maybe bring back your peterdeadpool one haha. well thats a p small pic of those 2

ok well i dont kno for the ships thing cuz just marvel ones would be more interesting for us all to read but i might wanna do other but it dont matter rn cuz i dont feel like doing it in this post

mom keeps making me have a snack cuz she was like you a big grump when hungry but you kno the other day when i ate a snack a lil before dinner my dinner was just kind of worthless because i wasnt that hungry for it so i dont think i will be doing that a lot

i photoshopped a t-shirt design for her stem chicks club on to a t-shirt. wow she was tryna do it herself in paint and it look a mess. the one i did look so good. maybe i'll sho it in my next post but remind me maybe.

wow ok.........that car falling on another car or whatever part must be pretty dang important to the movie or????? bleh every time i remember that we coulda had mj in our movie i want to throw a blow dryer at someone's head

aw g remember the days when we all played that quelf. that was better times

cool day i guess

cool comic thoughts. that comic sound a mess

really nice 100 answers. icqcml one bit wow. ok i think i had some stuff to say about it but i dont wanna read the whole thing rn. oh wait what is clone saga and why do you seem to hate its guts

aw g gob i havent listened to that whole arcade fire album but the two songs ive listened to i really luv

nice song you made!!!!!!

ok i guess thats all

oh the other day when i was at the bookstore i was bored and i saw fuckyeahpetermj reblog a spider-man loves mary jane masterpost thing and i wondered if i could download and open them on my kindle and i could so i started reading one tho i didnt get very far. mj is so small in that. also i wondered on like the very first page what exactly is doc ock implying when hes like to peter "you cant even aim straight"..............

ok today was pretty rusty i just bopped around and then dreaded going to work cuz friday night is like the worst possible shift and then at work for the first four hours i was there, there were barely any customers and it was so nice and unusual and a little suspicious and then in the last like 45 mins, 100000000000000000000 people came along and there had to be like 3 ppl helping me and i didnt get to start cleaning up stuff and the guy ringing people up was a manager and he did not really kno what he was doing and like he was just making things really confusing for me and bleh. then i watched a glug ep of house hunters. well thats me day. at least we've food in our house

well i decided i wasnt gonna read my petermj trade til my room is clean and also read some other stuff that dont matter but THAT DARN THING WONT GET CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been tryin to get it cleaned since octob but every day i have a chance to clean it im too dang tired i just wanna bomb it and then sweep away all the ashes but first remove my petermj trade from that room and my purple mama and my captain america mama and my new poster and my slippies and hmm yea thats all i can think up

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