Friday, March 21, 2014

100% natural

heyy gs.

wow i fell asleep with the lights on last night while we were gc'ing...

well i guess i kinda can see who wake up could be a sad song but to me it has a hopeful and optimistic message to it too

hahaha i wish spider-man would deliver a package to my house...

aww yeah that does suck about shailene not coming back to be mj.  that whole situation with her as mj and her being cut is still really confusing to me though.  like why would mj just have a minor part in the movie anyways if she is a major character?  idgi.

nice game stuff para and hob

yqw for the jamz hob!!!  i can give some more if you want too.

your new hair color looks really nice hob!!!!!!  well in less than a week i will see it for real though! haha

speaking of hair, i got my hair cut and i decided to randomly get it cut super short!!!  idk if i wanted it quite this short like in the front but i can let it grow out to the right length.  here is a picture!

oh yeah wow they announced that is offical start wars episode vii will start shooting in may!!!! ahh that is so soon, so casting news will probably be out soon!!!!!!  also they announced it is going to take place 30 years after the last film and i guess that means the original actors will most likely be coming back to play their characters again because it's been about that long since the sixth movie came out.  plus the announcement also said that there will be new lead characters and "familiar faces" as well.

oops i forgot about the game.  i guess i just have a lot of catching up to do some time

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