Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the goat's last grasp!

Heyyyy gssss

Wow Gob has really hecked up.  I'd say he's trash but that's an insult to trash

Or maybe he's dead in which case I'm sorry for calling him worse than trash I guess

MMmmm these dark chocolate mint things I got in my stocking are so delicious mint and chocolate are the best combination of flavors ever they're like PeterMJ if Peter and MJ were flavors

Except did you know that spiders don't like mint?? Important question does Peter like mint or no????  Oh wait it might just be peppermint but the question still stands does Peter like peppermint or is he too spidery for that shit

Aw g yeah I saw about that and tbh I don't know who the fuck Jared Leto is but I now know that I hate him and all of his guts.  Like I saw an article that was like 10 trans women that could have played that role which basically sums up my feelings about that except I didn't care for that article bc it referred to the women as actors which no they are actresses

Okay you can post food idrc if it brings you joy then just keep doing it I was just joking really

Yeah I was pretty sure you knew she was playing Gamora g I was just pointing out that that was a good reason to like her.

Um the other movie icr the name of but it also has Dane DeHaan in it I believe

Okay well obviously there's going to be emotional parts in the movie just bc this one trailer didn't have as much of that doesn't mean it's not.  I think really a lot of people don't know who the Guardians of the Galaxy are so the point of this trailer was just simply to introduce them which is why it went through them one by one and explained it. Well anyway I don't know I got a little emotional from it but maybe I just get more emotional about superheroes than you do idk.

Well also probably bc I read this interview about it and like some of the things in the trailer were explained and they were p emotional once you know more about them but yeah

Well I don't know if that's a real possibility or not.  Probably not but I still sometimes think about it happening like wow what if that happened that'd b the greatest day

What okay Ghost Peter has been around since the first issue of Superior Spider-Man???? Okay remember I drew that pic of Ghost Pete hugging Deadpool and then I cried????

Okay well Ghost Peter is basically Peter's memories that got into Spock's head taken on a life of their own and he was sort of able to have a little bit of control over Spock for a while but then Spock erased most of the memories so Ghost Pete disappeared but now he's back but he only had a few memories left and now he think's he's Doc Ock.

Yeah I saw some pics of my guy at the Oscars!!!! He was lookin good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang Mo really tried to screw you over

I think you mean aaaaah Thor

Tyt about my ship thing and my vid but what do you mean by daaaaaaaaang???

Tyt about my pics for the game.

Okay well first of all bc when anyone asks who my favorite character in Marvel is I always wish I could say someone cool like yeah my favorite character is Captain Marvel!!! Can you imagine if someone cool like Captain Marvel was my fave I would never feel bad about it I would feel amazing all the time my life would be perfect.  But no instead I'm stuck with having fucking Spider-Man as my fave so when anyone asks I'm just like ............Spider-Man. And then I'm like why why why why is this dumb guy who hecks up everything my fave why pls why this is hell.
Well okay also because Peter is like. Well he's kind of an asshole a lot of the time. I don't like to admit it but I know it's true.
And also bc like Pete and his main crew are so white. They are the whitest bunch ever. I mean there's a couple poc there's Robbie and Glory and Sha Shan and some others but yeah you got all these dumb white people like pls no

Okay there's a few reasons. Pls no more bc like I said Peter is my fave I don't like saying bad things about him!!!!!  Also I feel sad bc Peter knows he is the worst he could probably list two million reasons why he sucks and he'd believe every word of it.  Though I probably lied I could maybe name some reasons why I like Peter I mean he's not the worst he definitely has some redeeming qualities haha


Yay March!!!!

Pls bring that plague to us.

Nice things for the game!!! Haha PeterMJ is already dominating!!! Nice!!!!!

Dang this week is going so slowly how is it only Tuesday??? pls bring Friday to us right now

Wow just wow at fanboys being like there is NO ONE who can play MJ there is not a SINGLE ACTRESS OUT THERE that can live up to their fucking idealized vision of MJ so we might as well not even have MJ in the movies why even try

There's so many things we wish we could ask Gob but too bad he's dead

Time for the game

Day #4: Your favorite royal
Okay I know Storm's not actually royal anymore, but she was the Queen of Wakanda so she definitely counts. She's pretty much like the best anything ever so obviously she's the clear choice here.

Day #5: Your favorite team
Lol as you can see these pictures are quickly deteriorating in quality but in my defense it's hard to draw like seven people in the same picture and not become tired of drawing it by the end so I just gave up. Also I didn't even draw the entire FF because that's like 20 people or something and yeah just no.  I drew the main members so there that's something.  The FF are the clear choice bc they have the coolest outfits haha.  Well also bc they all love to chother and that's cute.

Okay I finally finished the next one for the otp challenge thing.

Okay so this is shopping. Inspired by this comic where Pete and MJ were grocery shopping and the narration was like "Peter and MJ love grocery shopping together" and I was like okay I can only imagine that they love it bc they spend most of the time goofing off and hardly spend any of the time actually shopping.

I'm colddddd

That is all have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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