Friday, March 14, 2014

blooh blah chicken fingers

heyyyyyy gs

ok no one has had their best posts lately. what even. this one will not be the best either prob

i dont see how you can kno spider-man 3 is the worst if you havent seen

well g here is the article where she says the stuff i guess in case you wanna see for yourself. so when those movies come out then everyone will kno her? too bad she aint gonna be in the biggest movie of our year: the amazing spider-man 2

yea same about mom and mj and everyone

nice day you had. again i had the same day

nice lil game stuff!!!

ok w/e gob thor's comin for ya

aw g that sounds like a really rusty laptop

nice game stuff.

ok today i read comic then had a pretty rusty cereal lunch and yogurt and then took a lil nap i guess. then tried to clean up my room some but it was worthless. hmmmm then i did some stuff and then we went to used bookstore and i traded some books for two books but i had to pay para 3 dollars. then we went to ethiopian restaurant which i didnt really want for me but it was something. then we came home and i did some stuff and then now watching the best ep of full house

wow mom is watching full house also and she just whispered "god this is stupid" to herself

ok this post is completely rusty. nothin can redeem it

not even the game

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