Saturday, March 22, 2014

the beauty and the goat

Heyyyyyyy gs!!!!!

Okay but then why did you say Wake Up as the song that makes you happy I mean really can't think of an actually happy song???

I wish Spider-Man would deliver a package to MJ's house oop

Well I think MJ was just not gonna have a big part in this film but they were just gonna introduce her ahead of time bc she'll have a big part in the next film.

Wow I can't believe Gob posted a pic of himself on our blog.  That never ever happens!!!!  Looks good, Gob.

Maybe the new Star Wars film will take place 30 years in the future but then they will go through a black hole and end up in the past and then change all of history so then it will really take place before any of the films.

Aw g but I already gave you jamz!!!!! Remember when I did that??? Okay well here are a few more I guess but you might already have these idk
*San Francisco-The Mowgli's
*The Sound-Human Highway
*Baby I got the Death Rattle-Los Campesinos!
*Tongue Tied-Grouplove
*Songs about your Girlfriend-Los Campesinos!

There that's five good jamz one for each day that I don't want something to come for me.

Wow I can't even believe that person if I ever saw someone hating on Shailene for no even good reason I would unfollow immediately

Yeah that was a dif Spider-Man but still I don't really understand how that commercial is like yeah it'll be on time bc Spider-Man will be delivering it.  Like....Spider-Man is not known for being on time to stuff....He's late for everything he is trash....Even in one of the trailers for this next darn movie he's being late for something I think wow.

Wow beautiful hairs!!!!!!

Oooo what is that Storm trade??? Jw bc I don't think Storm ever had a solo series but maybe it's a miniseries or something idk

Aw g that darn PeterMJ wedding. Yeah it's the best wow.  Bleh I'm so mad that they said PeterMJ will never get remarried bc tbh the only reason you should ever get PeterMJ unmarried is so that they can get married again bc their wedding was so great the first time that you just want it again.

Last night I had another dream with MJ in it!!!!! Though it was kind of boring and also sad bc PeterMJ weren't together in it but okay I was Spider-Man and I was like trying to solve a crime or something with the Hulk and Ben Urich???? And our investigation took us to Africa where we ran into MJ who had moved to Africa to get away from me after we broke up........

Time for the game.

Day #18: Your favorite comic to screen character adaptation
Okay maybe not the most accurate adaption, but it does say favorite and it says adaption and well I love Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker a lot. He's so cute and small and just like this little guy.  Also more accurate than Tobe as least imo.

Day #19: Your least favorite comic to screen character adaptation

That is all have a nice day.

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