Monday, March 17, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

aw g i dont think gob tried to steal your day. i think he just finished his post on that day idk

yea tru nothin could beat spider-man 2

well last time we were gonna go to fasika i said i didnt wanna and i still didnt so

wtf how much stuff could you have had to carry up to your room

thats good about that g not having you help her w her homework? or did she at last? we have to kno

nice dingy dang game stuff

yea im sad about us not watchin cap and espec about us not trashin noah. well i really wanna watch that movie before we see cap 2 so what will we do

nice day i guess

haha gob thats funny to me that you were like i started this post at 1 am! but then it didnt even matter cuz you didnt finish it til the next day. tho i would say that you had the best post of our last few posts so idek. maybe now that para's awy from here we two will have better posts

ok g i'll take a look at that schedule and stuff. i have never actually been to a music festival so i dont kno how they work really

haha you were like "she's getting cuter blah blah blah" but you didnt say who she was. is it bad robot? is it one of your cats? who even?

well tbh that wake up song makes me really sad soooooo

ok today i? woke up, went to work, had a pretty ok day at work especially comapred to yesterday. wow its like every sunday i think it cant be worse than the sunday before but im wrong. anyway then i went to th health food store and thought about getting something for me dinner but i didnt bc i dont kno. then came home and starved and then couldnt find anything for dinner and hated myself for not getting something for it. then i made some pasta and it had a really bad texture to it which for some reason keeps happening whenever i make pasta from a box thats already open so idgi. then i did some stuff and thats that

last night in the middle of the night i was awoken by the sound of my space heater turning off and like what the and fitst i thought maybe it had suddenly stopped working just like the microwave did yesterday and i was like wtf but the power was out i guess and idk why and then i had to pee like seitan but luckily i remembered a flashlight on my floor. but then i couldnt fall back asleep until the power turned back on cuz i was so cold and the whole time i was worrying that when my space heater turned back on it would burst into flames and i would die

the other night i had a dream that i was on chopped w tom haverford and that truly tells us about all the shows ive been watching lately

god darn it i need jamz like a cat needs her fur. if you dont give me some jamz in your next post, something will be coming for you in 5 days

Day 10: Why aren’t these two married?


Day 11: What is your dream pairing?

i dont kno what this means. am i supposed to make up one or say the pairing thats real thats the pairing of my dreams? well i'll make one up. ummmm two gs who have a healthy relationship but also might have some angst in their relationship bc thats good to me idgaf. and they love to chother and are canon and they like mutually inspire each other to live and stuff like that. u kno

ok im tryna watch parks but its not playin smoothly. why. goodbye

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