Monday, March 10, 2014

the spider or the goat?

Heyyyy gs!

Oop I almost forgot to write my post bc well I bought the game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions today and I've been playing it since we got home from going out to dinner. It's a p fun game so far.

Yeah Spider-Man 3 is the worst one probably imo. At least so far but hopefully ever

Well I was just saying it. It's no big deal you can say who an actor plays if you want I wasn't trying to offend anyone wow

Jennifer Lawrence is just so rusty

Nice things for the game tho you shoulda said a song that reminded  you about a specific person you want to forget

Soon Noah will be in that trash

Well it depends on how many ones you put PeterMJ for I guess

Yeah too bad I didn't put in any write ins but tbh I didn't care about that election so when I voted I didn't really care what I was putting I was just like blah blah blah whatever

Cool dream.  Last night I had a dream that I was Spider-Man and I was at a party with a lot of my classmates but like I was at the party as Spider-Man and I was trying to keep my identity secret but all I had was my Spider-Man hat that I had to pull over my face to keep it hidden but then I couldn't see and also Felicia was at the party and she knew my secret identity and she kept trying to text people about it.

Oooo well I didn't actually hear that about Shailene but I'm confused about if it is actually true or not idk. I really want it to be true though!!!!

Tho if it is tru one reason it might not be getting that much attention is I think a lot of ppl don't know who the heckie she is but that's a darn shame for them.

Speaking of MJ why does Mo hate MJ why does she have to be so annoying about it

Okay here's a thing about my day. Well I took a shower and then I read my book and then I played Lego Marvel Superheroes and then I had a turkey sandwich and then we went to the bank and then we went to Target and I bought some Spider-Man socks and my new game and other and then we went to Trader Joes and then we came home and I starved and then finally we went to dinner but then we had to go to a different place and then we had our dinner and then we got pie and then we came home and I played my game and we ate pie.

Time for the game but dangit I haven't drawn anything.  Oh well that aint happening I guess.

Day #7: Your favorite creature
Okay I'm not really sure what fav creature is supposed to mean so I just chose Ms. Lion!!! She's just a small little doggie!!!!

Day #8: Your favorite movie
Awwwwwwww yeahhhhhhh!!!!! Okay I'm not gonna argue with anyone that this is the best movie but it is definitely my favorite (so far). It's just like. A really great movie in my opinion.  Plus Spider-Man.

Day #9: Your favorite classic character 
Well I'm not really sure what this is supposed to mean but I'm pretty sure Spidey counts as a classic character and since he's my fav I guess I have to say him for this as well.

Okay well that's all I guess have a nice day!!!!

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