Wednesday, March 19, 2014

goat! he who walks the savage land!

Heyyyyyy gs

Okay sure you weren't trying to steal my day. Sure.

Oooo luckily Gob have Hob some jamz so I don't have to.  I don't want something to come for me.

Hob I can't tell if you're being real or not about Spider-Man 2

Well I had four bags of backpack, my bag w my clothes and stuff, my computer, and my bag of food.  It was pretty heavy bc my backpack had a lot of books in it like it was completely full and my bag of food had a lot of cans and stuff and a thing of juice.

No not nice day that was a rusty rusty day

Yeah wtf Wake Up is such a sad song???? Have you even listened to the lyrics, Gob????????

Aw g that sounds like kind of a rusty day and a rusty night.

Idk who that Tom guy is but okay

Aw g that dang day 10

Okay here was my day.  I woke up then I went to class then I went to another class then I had lunch then I read the rest of As I Lay Dying which was like half the book but I had to finish it by tomorrow and then I wrote my fic and then I had dinner and then I wrote my fic some more and then I wrote this post.

BLEH BLEH BLEH BLEH BLEH JUST FUCK EVERYTHING SHAILENE SAID SHE'S NOT GOING TO BE PART OF THE SPIDER-MAN FRANCHISE ANYMORE I GUESS THAT MEANS SHE'S NOT COMING BACK FOR TASM 3 THIS IS VERY UPSETTING TO ME JUST WHY WHWY WHYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!  Bleh what's so annoying is that the fanboys got their way I didn't want them to win!!!!! Also bc I love Shailene I think she is amazing and she would have been a great MJ!!!!!!!!!!! And also bc it's just so unfair what happened to her!!!!!!!!! I hope it was her choice to not come back for the next movie.  Or I hope it was just bc of the conflict w her other film I hope it wasn't a decision made by the filmmakers because that would be really stupid of them!!!! Although we already know they are stupid for cutting her out of TASM 2 sooooo


On the other hand, this is an AMAZING commercial

Okay time for the game

Day #15: The best rivalry
Okay I didn't know if this was supposed to be like a hero/villain thing or just normal or what so I looked up the True Meaning of rivalry and it said like two people competing for the same objective so I guessed not.  But anyway we had to have PeterJohnny on here somewhere.  Of course Peter and Johnny eventually become lovers I mean best friends but their relationship definitely started out as a rivalry and a lot of times it still has elements of that so

Day #16: The most powerful character
Well Franklin is the most powerful character I can think of sooooo

Day #17: Your favorite god
Aaah Thor

Welp that's all have a nice day!!!!!!

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