Sunday, March 23, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

i gotta write this post quickly cuz i have an amount of stuff to do. luckily i already did an amount of stuff.

para what do you mean you cant think of an an actualy happy song. wha about that song called Happy?  i dont like that song that much

bleh i really liked the idea of them introducing mj in the movie and her just bein in it a lil bit jus like poppin up a few times blehhhhhhhhhh. how about not only do we get to see the deleted scenes but they release a Special Edition MJ Cut

yea same about gob postin a pic of him. nice pic and nice hair bud!!!

well tyt for the jamz i guess but something is still gonna come for you from the first time but i guess now another something wont come for you. also i kno one of those jamz blh

yes i did unfollow that hatin on shailene g immediately

haha those ppl who made that commercial hecked UP. i will not be using their whatever the commercial was for thing cuz i dont kno that it will really be on time

tyt bout my hairs

the storm trade is like this backstory thing and its by eric jerome dickey

dang it what is their prob sayin petermj will never remarry please god jus burn us all alive.

wowwww that mj dream. that sounds amazin and sad

nice game stuff. tho who is that yucky man in the second part? wait a sec could that be deadpool

tyt gob bout my hair. nice hairs too even tho i already said it earlier in the post!!! i was thinkin about getting a short haircut but i dont kno

ok well today at work wasnt that terrible for a sunday. for a min or actually 20 mins i thought the two dum boys werent gonna show up again cuz the first boy was 20 mins late but then there he was and i remmebered that its normal for him to be late. cool.

what else i did today was went to target and got stuff for my trip and yoga clothes cuz my yoga class starts tomorrow and i did laundry and made some dough for the knots im makin tomorrow. that was all

also today mom was talkin on the phone and sayin about noah's friends from his party and she was like "they were all girls except one who is transgender so i guess we'll call him a boy". please god jus stop talkin

goosbag im on a break from work for the next 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tho tuesday will be a suck day cuz i have to do my bookstore shift which is ok but i just have a lot to do so i dont wanna go there and then i have a bleh dr. appt. but other than that

bleh i guess im jus gonna hav like 40 lil jamz for my trip. and not even that good ones

ok heres some things i need to do to get ready for the trip

*find more jamz
*get all jamz
*a lotta laundry
*go to the drugstore
*go to the bank

plus i have to do other other in the next few days

oh well

ok i do not hav time for that game. yes i have an hour left to post but i dont have time to do it in that hour

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