Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pizza and sushi

Heyy gs

I'm doing this post from my ipod so that is why all the sentences are going to start with capital letters, because it automatically does that.  I could be doing it from my computer but I'm still on this really comfy hotel bed and too lazy to get out

Yeah, I really didn't have time to post on Thursday. Sorry gs!

I barely have time to post today but I figured I would at least post something this morning before we leave for the music festival.  Maybe I will have time after the last concert to write more stuff. Though probably not because we might be leaving for home right after it is done.

We should be thinking about what we want to do as our game for April!  Wow this month has gone by so fast. Maybe I will continue doing the March game in my next posts until I finish.

Aw g we had this really amazing pizza for dinner one night and I am really craving it right now.  More sushi actually sounds really good too.

I'm excited for the final concert tonight because it will be really great!

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