Monday, March 24, 2014

my brother is playing bass

heyy gs.

tyt para and hob about my hair!

nah g i doubt that thing you said about the new star wars film will happen because time travel isn't really a starwars-y thing.

wow this  promo for the spider-man story where all the different incarnations of spider-man team up together looks really cool!

blehh i have a huge headache right now and i have so much stuff i need to be doing.

here's all the stuff i need to get done before i go to big ears:
-clean the house
-clean out the car
-pack my stuff
-download some jamz
-finish a project for my personal financing class
-finish an online assignment for my spanish class

well i have so much stuff i need to be doing so i'm going to go ahead and hurry up and finish this post.

14.  A song you are currently learning to play

i almost have this whole piece down pretty well except for a couple of really hard measures in the middle.  i'm pretty sure it's what i'm going to be playing for my jury at the end of the year for a grade.  i feel like i'm going to be really comfortable with it by the end of the semester though so that's good.  also it's one of my favorite piano pieces i've played so far!

15.  A song that is a cover by another artist

haha this song still reminds me of the social network because i think the first time i heard it was in the trailer.

16.  One of your favorite classical pieces of music

i can't wait to see the chicago symphony orchestra perform this in may 2015!!!  i love this piece because it is so weird and unique sounding yet beautiful at times too!  it's really cool that it has this electronic insturment called the ondes martenot too.

wow i'm so behind on the game and i only have 2 more posts this month!!!  blehh and i'm going to be pretty busy both of those days too.  well i guess we'll see what will happen.

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