Sunday, March 16, 2014

goat at large!

Hey gs!!!!


If you started your post at 1 am then why didn't you post that day Gob

Aw g I wanna see that baby

Cool stuff for the game

Yucky Doc Ock arms!!!!!!!

Well I guess I don't really know I mean Spider-Man 3 could be better than Spider-Man 1 but from what I hear it's not.  I don't think it could be better than Spider-Man 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man though.

Nice thing about your day.  I didn't know you didn't want Ethiopian food though.

Mo doesn't even know talent if she don't like that ep of Full House

Dang there isn't that much to reply to but I don't have much to say either.  I just got back to my dorm.  My shoulders hurt from carrying my stuff up to my room.  I'm tired.

Okay that g hasn't contacted me yet about Latin homework I'm hoping she forgot or figured out how to do it herself and that she's not planning to ask me to help her with it still.

Okay it's time for the game

Day #13: Your least favorite character
Yucky Loki!!!!!!!  It was hard to choose between Loki and Dock Ock but I chose Loki because I also hate everyone who likes Loki and the guy who plays him and anything to do with him basically. Also I've hated him longer so there you go.

Day #14: Your favorite romance
PeterMJ forever and ever amen

Okay that's all for now.

Wow PLEASE NO MORE CLIPS FROM TASM2 I'm not watching them but every time I accidentally see a gif or a pic from them my heart goes flippy floppy this movie's gonna kill me!!!!!!

Dangit Hob we didn't watch Captain America over my break we didn't throw Noah in the garbage we really hecked up

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I took a shower and then I wrote my fic and ate some cereal and then I did homework and then I chilled and then I had lunch and then I watched Avengers with Mo but we didn't finish and then I packed up my stuff and wrote my fic some more and then I had a smoothie and some dinner and then I got on a bus and came back here and then I wrote this post

I'm hunger

Tryin to think of things to say but idk

Well have a nice day!!!!

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