Tuesday, March 11, 2014

mess with the best, fry like the rest

heyyyyyyyyy gs

ok bub you hav not even seen spider-man 3 so how could you kno its the worst

yea jennifer lawrence is rusty tho not as rusty as some people but still rusty but the rustiest people are the people who like jennifer lawrence. please destroy

haha nice dream g

what it is tru about shailene? unless a quote from her aint real?? maybe you confused bc theres been some dumb articles and stuff being like "she would be open to loving a woman" and "shes bisexual" which? are completely not what she said at all. anywya i didnt kno a lot of people dont kno who she is cuz i thought since shes starring in two popular movies that bout to come out or something? but

yea mo is the dumbest g ever to hate mj. what the heck. tho maybe in the future she'll come to love mj like some who used to hate her but have come to love her

nice day bud. its the same day i had. except i watched you play two games instead of played em

haha nice game stuff

yea gob it was a scary dream but for some reason i wanted to remember it so i put it in my post but now i dont really care to remember it or not. well

cool game stuff

well today i went to bookstore and read deadpool and ate pizza and started spider-man and human torch and then there was a weird phone call to the store and then went home and chilled then made mac and cheese. then made cooks

ok im jus gonna get a buncha the game did

Day 6: The best kiss.

petermj's first kiss apparently. well a lotta my ships dont kiss and petermj i dont kno all their kissies so this is what needs to be done. well thats something happening

Day 7: The most heartbreaking scene.

dang those kanbahimaris. well a lot of my ships have a lot of heartbreaking scenes prob but this is jus one of those ones where you have claws in your tum whenever you think of it. kind of like this whole ship and whole show

Day 8: The pairing with the most baggage.

i should tell you theyve got baggage too. should tell you baggage wine and beer. well this ship is so baggy what can i say. i guess. what does that even mean. lets hope theyre taking a car because it'd be really expensive to take all that baggage on a plane. ok. what is being said. just look at the pic. it says it all. its worth a thousand words

Day 9: The most believable relationship.

this is real. mmmmmmm yea their love is so believable that thats all there is to be said. 

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