Wednesday, March 12, 2014

tea is the best

heyyy gs.

yay i'm still alive and thor didn't kill me!!!!  i doubt thor ever will kill me though.  i think we are cool now.

oh i think i get what you mean about not liking people liking jennifer lawrence.

oh yeah i know its no big deal. i wasn't offended or anything you saying she played uhura

nice things for the game gs.

wow my spring break this week has been so nice and lazy but it has also been going by quickly!

blehh my laptop has been sucking so much lately.  i have to close out of like literally everything i can (including windows explorer) just to make a netflix video run smoothly.  if i have like absolutely anything else open at all the audio will keep getting out of sync and it is so annoying.

yumm i love this vanilla caramel tea i am drinking right now!  i think i'm going to have some friendship tea next!

6.  A song that makes you want to dance

idk what to say about this.  i guess it just has a disco feel to it kinda and that's why it makes me want to dance.
7.  A song to drive to

haha well the title kinda makes it obvious why i picked this song.  though if i drove this song would probably make me want to drive a bit too fast.

haha wow so far it is a pattern for me to include at least one instrumental song and one song with lyrics in each post for the game!

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