Saturday, March 1, 2014

raspberry lemondade...yumm

heyy gs.

wow how have you gs never seen seinfeld?  like never even seen a random episode on tv before?  seinfeld used to be the tv show i would watch on tv when i can't find anything else to watch that i like and because it was just on tv a lot.

ahh sorry gs, i realized another one of my online assignments was due at midnight so i had to rush to finish it so that's why i didn't get to finishing this post.  though i still have energy so i will do some more of the post right now!

well actually i'm going to finish this post in the morning probably because i'm just super tired now

but here's a picture for the game just so this post is a bit more real.

yummm i love thin mints.  they are definitely the best girl scout cookies.  though the peanut butter ones are good too.  and so are the coconut ones actually. but thin mints are the best for sure

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