Monday, March 31, 2014

goat smashes thru!

Hey gs!!!!

Um there's not really anything to respond to???

Except aw g I've gotten to there in the 2048 game a lot of times and then lost but I've also won a lot of times so inbd anymore really

Also yeah we need our new game.

Hob!  The other night I had a dream that you met that one woman from Game of Thrones that you like Cersei or whatever and you went shopping with her?????  That was a weird dream for me to have....

Wait Hob the other day I watched this video that has this parody of a song called Happy is this that the song you mean???  Well I don't think I've heard the real version but this video makes me happy because it's so cute and has MJ in it

Speaking of MJ look what I did I made a custom character in Lego Marvel Superheroes and it's MJ in Peter's suit
Okay that pic is a lil blurry but basically you can see how cute she is!

Haha today I accidentally typed "in a world without gob there cannot be love" it was supposed to be god instead of gob but haha. That's not my opinion btw I was writing up some notes about a T.S. Eliot poem but maybe in a world without Gob there cannot be love.  We can't be sure until we get rid of Gob I guess.

Um what else what else

Oh yeah the other day I was at the store and I saw this
Haha spider eggs wtf. I guess Spider-Man lays eggs and these are his eggs.  I didn't buy one because I didn't want to separate Spider-Man's babies from their mama. :(

Okay here was my day: I woke up and then I went to class but just the one class because I didn't have the other one today so then I worked on my application for a class and then I had lunch and then I finished my application and sent it and then I studied for my exam tomorrow and then I had dinner and then I studied some more and then I took a shower and then I wrote this post.

Bleh should I study some more?  I really don't want to right now.  Plus I'll have a little bit more time to study tomorrow morning.  Plus I'm feeling okay about my exam idk.

Wow today was really nice until it started hailing/raining.  And I guess it's supposed to snow tonight I mean we have a blizzard warning right now so.

Bleh when is spring when is it when's it coming tomorrow is April.

Maybe the blizzard warning is an April Fool's joke.

Okay time for the game.

Day #27: Your favorite non-human race 
The Asgardians because....they're awesome???? They just get it did.

Day #28: Your favorite comic time period
Ehhh I don't really have a favorite but I'll go with the bronze age because I have fond memories of it.  Haha well jk but I have fond memories or reading comics from it.

Day #29: Your favorite series you would suggest to read
Okay look I haven't read every issue or really even close and probably not every issue is gonna be good but I don't care it's my favorite and I would suggest reading it so there.

Day #30: Your favorite Marvel Event
Wow okay I haven't even read that many events yet there are a lot I haven't read so this is subject to change, but I did read all of Avengers vs. X-men including all of the tie-in issues and stuff so yup.  It was good and sad and fun and I liked it.

I did it!!!!!

Well that's all have a nice day!!!!!

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