Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the goat slayer!

Hey gs!!!!!!

Good news

But was time travel a Star Trek thing no not really but that didn't stop JJ Abrams from putting it in there.  I mean it was a little bit but not that much......

Yeah I'm so conflicted about that Spider-Verse thing because on the one had Dan Slott is writing it and I really don't like him and I don't know if I like the idea of Morlun being the villain for it because Morlun is really just a 616 Peter villain like I don't get why Lowe says he's a top 10 Spider-Man villain bc he's definitely not.  And also the idea of it seems kind of stupid how they're talking about it like LETS JUST THROW ALL THE SPIDER CHARACTERS INTO ONE COMIC AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Like okay..... But on the other hand I'm really excited!!!!!  Because I love spider characters!!!!! And I mean it could be really cool and interesting if Slott doesn't screw it up!!!!!

It's kind of weird though there's so many Peters in that promo and some of them are just like also 616 Peter but from different time periods????  That's gonna be really weird???? Also lol at Jdrew, Mayday, and Anya in the back because no one cares about girls, right?

Unfortunately I guess TASM Peter can't be in it though since he's owned by Sony.


Oh I meant to say "can't you think of an actually happy song?" so yeah I was asking the same q.  I know like three songs called Happy though so idk which one you're talking about.

Yeah same I thought that was ideal to introduce MJ in tasm2 and just have her be in it a lil bleh.  Yeah same let's have that special MJ cut. Though doubtful that they will do that or even release the deleted scenes.

Aw g please don't let that thing come for me.  Which song did you know though

Well I still like that commercial I thought it was cute but yeah you should probably not use that whatever it was bc you don't want Spidey delivering your stuff he's gonna heck it up.

Okay well now I know whatchoo got there. Have you read that Storm trade yet?

Same if PeterMJ aint gonna get married again what's the point of living on this earth.  Well ok they don't have to get married I guess I would accept them just getting back together I would even accept them being bffs who kiss each other and tickle each other and keep pictures of each other in their apartments and take care of each other and share their special secrets like they used to.....

Gosh dangit

Yeah that MJ dream was something.

Tyt about my game stuff.  Yeah that's """""""Deadpool""""""""

Wow what is mo even she needs to check herself

Aw g well I just have 40 jamz for my trip.  They were p good jamz tho


I'm still not sure about this movie though

Also that new poster for it looks so dumb and pls tell me why there needs to be a giant Jennifer Lawrence on it that doesn't make me want to see it also giant Wolverine like okay Wolverine's fine but just no.

Time for the game.

Day #20: Your best casting of a character (if you were casting)
Lupita Nyong'o as Sue Storm!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh dangit look how cutie these two are together why can't this be real

Day #21: The most memorable death
Well I'd say Gwen bc it was pretty sad when it first happened and then it's pretty sad for a long time onward bc Peter stays sad about it a long time and it takes him a long time to get over it and then it's been revisited so many times they just won't let you forget it.

Day #22: Your favorite universe/dimension
Earth-616 because it's one big crazy party!!!!

Day #23: The best form of transportation
This was hard to choose but I finally went with flying bc I had a dream last night that I could fly and it was pretty good so I decided that was a sign.

Did you know there are now like 13 different variant covers for the new Amazing Spider-Man #1???  Which one will Hob get me we just don't know

Welp have a nice day!!!!!

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