Thursday, March 13, 2014

a monster called...goat!

Heyyyy gs.

I miss my game.

Nah g I think Thor will be coming to kill you any day now unless you watch that movie.

Aw g get that laptop a bone.

Well I just know Spider-Man 3 has gotta be the worst. I don't need to see it to know that.

Tyt about my dream

Well I don't know bc I don't really know what Shailene said I can't find a good source about it. Well yeah but those movies aint out yet.  Usually when I say a thing about her then people don't know who she is.

Well I wish Mo would either come to love MJ or shut up about her.  That's what I wish all people would do actually.

Tyt about my day and my games stuff

Haha nice game stuff also

Here's a thing about my day. I woke up and then I tried to play my game but it wasn't working so I wrote my fic and then I went to the mall and I bought some Spider-Man clothes and then I had lunch and I went to Panera but there was nowhere to sit there so we had to sit in Chipotle where Hob had got her lunch and then we went to another store and then we went to the comic book store and I bought Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #5 and then we went to the bookstore and Hob got her Hawkeye trade and then we went home and then I wrote my fic some more and then I made meatballs and then we had dinner and then we watched X-Men: First Class and then I wrote this post.

Okay time for our game...

Day #10: Your favorite costume
Okay Spider-Man's black just has a really good look to it. Plus when it was the symbiote it was a fun friend for him and could change form and so he never actually had to wear clothes as all that was great.  Though it was still good when he got rid of the symbiote and then his black suit was just a normal suit that Felicia made for him because she agrees with me that it was a good look for him.

Day #11: Your favorite power
Okay you might think this is kind of a stupid answer but it does say my favorite not the one I think is the best because clearly spider-powers aren't the best, but they are probably my favorite.  I don't know why but having spider-powers is just the coolest.  Like okay it's kind of cheating but spider-powers is actually like a bunch of powers combined like it's usually some combination of super strength, super agility, super speed, super healing, and wall-crawling, plus spider-sense sometimes, and plus there's others like organics webs, communicating with spiders, and venomous stingers.  Also some others have flying or camouflage or something. I can't think of anyone else that has that many powers.  Just spider-powers, man. They're awesome.

Day #12: Your favorite weapon
Ooooooooooo!!!! Well what's even to say about this? Thor's hammer is so good. And only Thor and a few others can use it. And it's going to kill Gob so that's extra good.

Okay I want to be done with this post I want to write my fic

Have a nice day!!!!

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