Sunday, March 16, 2014

tater tots

heyy gs.

yeah i agree no one has had their best posts recently but at least they aren't completely bad.  haha reading that actually motivated me to start this post at 1 am on my day instead of an hour before midnight!

aw g we just finished house of cards season 2 and now we have to wait a whole year for season 3 and it ended with like not really a cliffhanger but just a major change in the show.

oh yeah hob, we should start planning out what stuff we want to go to the music festival because the schedule is being put up gradually on the website!  i think the full schedule will be up by tuesday but some of the stuff is on there now and like there are some times when we'll have to choose one thing or another.

ahh sorry gs i went to bloomington yesterday pretty early in the day and i didn't realize how late we were going to eat dinner and by the time we got back home it was a bit after 12:30 and i had a headache and was too tired to do my post then anyways.

i will go ahead and do it now though since i woke up pretty early today anyways!  she's getting even cuter because she is starting to be able scoot around on the floor and be more outgoing and friendly and just do a lot of really cute stuff!

haha miriam kept wanting to play with people's phones and she wouldn't want to give them back.

wow these are real bionic arms that people are working on making and what super villian do they remind you of?!??! haha

8.  A song you have listened to 10 times or more in the last month

one of my friends reminded me that this song was in orange is the new black because she was watching it for the first time.  and she was like "oh yeah i haven't listened to this song in forever".  and neither of i and now i've been listening to it way too much! haha.  to be specific, according to i've listened to it 11 times in the last month.
9.  A song that makes you happy

wow how can you not be happy listening to this song?  i'm pretty sure wake up was the first arcade fire song i ever heard.
10.  A song that makes you sad

aw g i really like this song and i really like this album but every time i listen to the album i almost always end up skipping this song because it it's just like too dark and unsettling for me not to get a little bit sad when listening to it.  just like the combination of  the emotional lyrics and the really eerie sounding strings part floating on top of the guitar and melody really gets to me i guess.

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