Saturday, March 8, 2014

a little too did

heyyyyy gs

whats the worst spider-man movie

same jj abrams is dead to me so

well i do not like mint chocolate ice cream. the other things are ok but they are better w/out the mint

ok well you were talking to me when you said zoe saldana aka uhur you even started the sentence with "well hob" so i thought you were putting that in there for hob's benefit but ok

yea g those were the exact good parts of the oscars.

ok we havent thrown noah in the trash yet. whens that gonna be?

haha idk if i can hav a dif petermj for every time. but i can try

yea those cuties in that scene

hahah nice write-ins for elections. except jennifer lawrence of course. you shoulda wrote in petermj. thats too bad that none of them won. tho sounds like mickey mouse came close

nice thing for the game

nice stuff for the game gob

well today was kinda rusty

tomorrow will suck on ice

maybe there will be some better days coming to us

i want cereal

im gonna get what i want

the other night i had a dream that i was traveling somewhere w a man and we stopped at me house and we were in noahs room and there was an evil lady in there and she and the man got into a knife fight and i ran out of there and closed the door and ran into the garage and the garage door was closed so it was dark in there but it was also dark outside and i was really anxious for dad to come home frm the grocery store even tho it was prob like 4 in the morn and somehow i saw him walking really slowly up the driveway carrying hotdog buns even tho i dont kno how i saw him w the garage closed and i heard silence from upstairs so i thought the man was probably dead but i didnt kno if the lady was also dead so i was afraid to check. and then i woke up and it was the day when dad was going to the grocery store so that explains that whole dream. ok jus wanted to say about it

dang this game is getting hard. i still havent thought up my next answer. well i have about an hour to think it up i guess

wait para did you hear that shailene woodley came out as pansexual????? daaaaaaaaaaang what a time for her to possibly not be playing mj. and by what a time i mean what a bad time. and by daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang i mean in a bad way. idk why this hasnt gotten a lot of attention tho? well i know cuz ppl dont take pan/pi ppl that seriously and cuz she didnt like explicitly say her sexuality and ppl are dummie. bleh our world is a smellie pile of trash

whoopsie dooper i forgot the game

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