Monday, April 21, 2014


heyy gs

i will try to get to work on seeing if we can have cousin camp!!

also we still need to find a place to go to for tg.  and not that house that sleeps 20 people that cm kept saying we should stay at haha.

maybe you'll get to see miriam at tg or cc!

oh i remembered my dream last night!!! sorta.  only some vague stuff about it.  i remember i was in a bakery and i wanted to have this really good looking chocolate pastry thing but when i asked what was in it, the person working there said there was pork in it....and my dad ordered this other chocolate pastry with a really gross looking slab of meat right in the middle.  and when we left the bakery i started running after someone on a bike because i thought it was seth but it turned out it wasn't and i got in the car with my dad, seth, and some of his friends.  okay that dream was lame compared to all of your dreams.  and i don't really understand what was going on it.

wow that would have been so awesome to have a dream where you are on the ellen show and see stan lee in the audience.  what were you on the show to talk about though?

wow running out of time for this post.  oops.

i'll just keep writing this post and post it a little bit late because i feel like i'm on a roll anyways

aw g that sucks that you can't remember your dream hob.

nice new hair cut hob!  haha there has been lots of new hair on this blog recently!

ahh i wish i could have indian food right now!

that's nice about your work!  except for the stuff that sucked like the hot dog machine part.

oops i fell asleep on accident and didn't post this post so i'll just post it now

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