Saturday, April 19, 2014

the chicken in the house!

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

well para speaking of 2048 you got mom playin it now dang it you hecked up

yea same bring back our seder. actually idc that much

truuuuu wheres our cousin camp gob

well if you had to go to or do something for a free lung would it be worht it

ok lil bud theres no need to yell. but i said maybe if you hadnt watched it by yourself when we woulda been more likely to watch it

aw g but what place would i start from to watch the end of the movie cuz i left off in dif places and last time icer where i left off cuz i slept thru some like i said

because when i said that i saw someone loving a celebrity w a squished face but now idk who it was. ill tell you why someone would do that cuz its always white guys so

aw g i dont wanna make that fanmix. well i do but do i have the time

haha nice dream

aw g if tasm2 gets there dont see it w/out me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow you kno when mom was saying about seeing it w/out you well maybe she would do that but i would not

nice talk about comics time. dang that ssm. well at least its over right??? wait i saw someone where someone was saying "well looks like mj is out of the comics for good" wht the heck?

haha yea mte bout cap's and pete's glasses

wow nice day!!!! i would be jealous bout you seein cap2 again but im seeing it in a few days when i vist my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

inbd gob. we all hecked up kinda so its whatev

aw g i would not want to leave something unfinished and have to wake up early to finish it like the other night i was like ok im just gonna wake up early to do some laundry that i need but then i was like wait a sec if i jus frickin do it now i can sleep a whole extra hour and then i was like ok nvm

yea you better see cap2 or cap is gonna come for you!!!!!!!!!!!

you mean miriam wasnt already cute? yea she had a lot to say when i was there but i didnt speak her language

oooooo icqcme for your good summer posts!!

who remembers that disney channel movie that was like high school musical but w cooking

please listen to this very important fanmix

or just view it w/e


ok para whats the comics that cap2 are like based on? if you even KNO. im pretty sure you said you dont even kno cap comics

dangy dangit speaking of not remembering dreams, the other morning i woke up and was like hmmm and then i saw a cap2 gifset and i was like this reminds me of my dream but i still couldnt remember my dream. and then i was like dang. that was really unfortunate

it was lost long ago

but it's all coming back to me

blah blah blah


it was dead long ago

but it's all coming back to me

it's so hard to resist

and its all coming back to me

i can barely recall

but it's all coming back to me

no it's not

im tryna get a really good url from the person who's saving it please pray for me

well i got a hair cut please view it

ooooooo today i woke up, had part of my leftovers from the yummiest indian restaurant that we went to last night, went to work for 7.5 hours and it wasnt that bad cuz the ppl who normally work there on saturday are way better than the worthless sunday ppl and like one of the gs always bring food and we watched orange is the new black in the back and ppl actually did stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except the prb was i had to clean the ho tdog macine and it took basically an hour cuz it was a horrible mess and someone wrote a rule in the back room that said you cant use an abrasive sponge on the hot dog machine but then i gave up and did it anyway hehe. then i went to the grocery store and then came home and had the other part of my yesterday leftovers. dang that was so good

now i dont have to go back to work for a week oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ok i forgot to say my game of thrones thoughts from the last ep so:

spoielrs blah blh

*well tbh i skipped some of it hehe
*that theon part was disturbing no thank you
*"because you'll never marry her. and neither will you"
*i really liked how the wedding took up literally half the episode
*i was very sad bout cersei but i thing that part coulda been a lil better

ok thats all i wanted to say

well can we expect some alter sex in tomorrows ep thats what we really wanna kno

wait is noah even in this house?

i havent seen him since thursday

thats the post

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