Sunday, April 6, 2014

enter: doctor goat!

Hey gs!!!!!

Bleh today was mentally exhausting.  Even though tomorrow is Monday I'm glad because I will only have one class right in the morning and not very much homework to do.

Although that one class will probably be stressful because I have a quiz and a presentation and I didn't do the reading but at least it will be done after that.

Well you had some good tumblr posts today, Gob.  Es pecially that 5 posts one and that 10 posts one.  Bleh that grilled cheese one was worthless though because it made me really want grilled cheese but I don't have any cheese to grill.

Aw g are you telling me to stop dreaming?  That's pretty mean.  That's like what the villain would say to the hero of a Disney movie.

Aw g well I wish I could stop playing 2048 I used to think that after I won I would stop playing but now I'm trying to get to 4096 I've gotten pretty close a couple of times but I haven't gotten it yet.  After I get it I will stop playing for sure.

Okay here's a guide to how to win 2048 to help Hob and Gob

What you need:
*10% luck
*20% skill
*15% concentrated power of will
*5% pleasure
*50% pain

Some tips:
*Try to keep your highest number in the corner or on the side at least you don't want it in the middle
*If you have too many of the higher up numbers you're doing something wrong
*If you feel you've already lost just start over because it's usually a waste of time to try to get your game back to where you need it to be

That's really it there isn't a magic way to do it you just have to sort of strategically funnel the numbers in one direction like don't try to go in a circle or something just go one way does that make sense

What the heckie is Spider-Man makeup like

All babies look a little creepy though

Yeah but Passover is eight days so which of those days are you talking about??? Oh I guess the first day because that's Monday... Well Monday would be a worthless day to have it wouldn't it??

Awww yeah less than a week until I will see you!!!!

My friend Matthew hates Cap I don't understand it.  Well he has a lot of dumb reasons for it bleh idk we've argued about it so many times.

Tyt about my comics thoughts! Um I don't know what was confusing about it but okay.

Though I guess the new Ultimate Spider-Man comic isn't coming out until May bum bum bum

Wow buddy have you ever had peanut butter M&Ms have you ever had mint M&Ms they are delicious think before you speak

Tyt about my dream.  Aw g when I woke up and remembered that dream I was like dang I wish Hob had had that dream instead of me.  It was really cute actually tho bc you and her were having a really good time together haha

Well idk what the real Happy song is like so it seemed normal to me but idk

Yeah I remember there being snow late in April last year but that wasn't exactly normal I think.  Well snow in April is kind of normal but last year was kind of excessive I believe.  Anyway today was a really nice beautiful day I think all the snow is pretty much gone I really hope it doesn't come back!!!!!

Tyt abot me finishing the game!!! Are you going to finish that game ever???

Bleh we need our new game though who will find it???

Tyt about my SSM thoughts.  Only one issue left!  Well what basically happened was when Peter was reliving all of Doc Ock's memories he relived the moment when he forced all of his memories on Doc Ock and that made him remember that he was actually Peter Parker and meanwhile the Green Goblin had kidnapped Anna Maria and Spock was trying to save her but the Green Goblin had also kidnapped a little girl and was about to kill her and Spock wasn't going to save her so Peter took control and then he was like wtf Ock you suck and then Spock was like truuuuu and then he was like you need to take over for me bc I am worthless you need to save Anna Maria and Peter was like yeah and then they went to Parker industries and Peter was like wtf and Ock was like dwaip and then he used the mind helmet thing to erase his memories and then Peter was like aww that's sad but then he was like okay

Yeah I want to meet those MJs too.  

BLEH SPEAKING OF MJ Shailene said "go get 'em tiger" in an interview thing WHY IS SHE DOING THIS WHY DOES SHE WANT ME DEAD

Aw g that must have been so long ago when the thing came for me I can't remember.  What day did it even come for me on?  Well I guess if I didn't notice it it couldn't have been that bad so I guess in the future I will not be as afraid when something is coming for me.

Oh yeah that was Noah I forgot about that. Wow what a glug

Yeah Pete and Harry are so small dangit

Haha nice dream.  I used to have dreams that I was Harry Potter all the time wow.

Nice pic haha

Okay here was my day: I woke up and then I took a shower and then I worked on my presentation for tomorrow and then I went to this thing that was for English professors and English majors and ate some cookies and drank some tea and talked to some people and then I came back and worked on my presentation some more and studied for my quiz and then I ate some soup for my dinner and then I wrote this post.

Okay now for something you've all been waiting for......the return of the otp drawing challenge!!!!!

This may or may not have been a reaction to the knowledge that MJ has moved on in two universes.

Hanging out with friends. (Ultimate) Aww look how cute and alive and not dating annoying guys named Liam they are!!! Though I guess it's kind of weird to have Kitty here after seeing how much she's still in love with Peter but oh well. Anyway, from left to right: Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake, Gwen Stacy, MJ, Peter, Jessica Drew, Johnny Storm.

With animal ears. (616)  Aww look how cute and not hating each other because Spock's a jerk and not dating firemen they are!!!  I don't know why MJ is a bunny she just wanted to be idek.  Bunnies are small and so is she so there we go.

I want ice cream!!!! What if it was summer and we could go to the Village Scoop that would be a dream!!!!!

This night is so dead to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avoiding spoilers for two movies is hard!!!!!!!!!!
That's all have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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