Monday, April 21, 2014

they call the doctor...goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Dangit why did Gob start a post yesterday but he didn't post it?????

Why do you care if mom is playin 2048 tho

Aw g well just bring back that day that was the seder at least bc that was a good day

I guess it depends on what I had to do for the free lung.  Also how much I needed the lung.  Like I don't need the lung rn that much but perhaps I will become more desperate for it in the future

You could just start watching from whenever you want.  Whenever you feel like. Whatever is your favorite spot

Yeah I figured you were probably talking about a white guy.  Bleh why do ppl like such ugly white guys all the time they are trash to me

Well luckily you found that fanmix for us!!!! Tho I could go for like 10 more fanmixes just like that one so maybe you could still make yours pls

Tyt about my dream

Okay I will try to not see TASM 2 w/out you. Tyt for saying you won't see it w/out me also pls don't let Mo do that either that would be so rusty

Tyt about my let's talk about comics time.  Wow whoever said that is so dumb.  Yeah MJ told Peter that she didn't want to be part of his life anymore but come on that's not going to last. I mean the solicitation for one of the first issues of the new ASM said that Peter's going to be teaming up with MJ's bf and if you think MJ is not going to show up in that issue at least a little bit you are stupido

Tyt about my day. Aw g I'm still jelly about you seeing Cap2 again bc I want to see it a third time!!!!

Gob you don't want Cap to come for you you better see it

I remember that cooking high school musical but why are we remembering it?

Wow that fanmix..... I don't want to listen to it but I'm so curious what songs are on it.  Dangit 8tracks strikes again

I haven't read that many Captain America comics no but Captain America vol 5 I think plus others obviously  but idk

Aw dang I wish we could know that Cap2 dream

Is the url you were trying to get the new one that you have bc its a really good url haha. Dang I keep meaning to change my url but I'm too laze

V beautiful haircut v nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice day you had there nice Game of Thrones thoughts

Yeah are we gonna get that alter sex that's the question we've been asking ourselves

Where is Noah even?

My fanfic is 50k words!!!!!!!!!!

Dang look at these cute lil guys I made
Just to be clear I didn't draw those I made them on a website. Well obviously but

I also made this v important video

Okay here's a thing about my day although all I did was I woke up and then I went to class and then I had lunch and then I wrote my fanfic and I made those lil guys and then I had dinner and then I wrote this post

Why is it so cold in here????

Oop Gob posted his post finally.  Okay well I guess I'll respond to it now

Is Miriam going to come to cousin camp?

That dream is something.

Well in my dream I wasn't on the show to talk about anything when I got out of the elevator I was just like on the stage and Ellen was like hey come be on the show and I was like okay.

Well that's all have a nice day!!!

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