Thursday, April 10, 2014

bobby bobby bobby flay

heyyyyyyy gs

happy national siblings day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah. beautiful

well para i know im jealous of that dream. jk. last night i had a dream that me and you went to the mall to buy underwear and we went on a saturday like really early in the morning but not a lot of stores were open then and we apparently HAD to buy underwear at victoria's secret but we saw that that store didnt happen til 4 so i think we like waited around all day icr. and then i think we went in the store before it opened and it was dark in there and we had to have a lady walk us around the store. actually i think only you wanted to buy underwear cuz after a while i sat down and waited for you to get it. is gob jealous of that dream? does he want me to not have had it?

dang it g. well now are oyu never gonna play that again?

i sure am never playin again:

if i could not even get it that time then i have given UP

ok but buddy if i cant even win when i do have the numbers in the corner then i feel like i def wouldnt win if i dont have that so im usually like ok ive lost if that happens

haha same bout spider-man's daytme look. tho idg this gwen's look. it looks like a normal face. ok?

yea g that rugrats baby is creepy but that dont mean all babies are creepy. like rugrats as you may kno is a show full of babies and most of the regular ones arent that creepy. those are jus some examples.

no? it wasnt that i didnt care? it was jus like ok idk what you're sayin about

ok idk when you say m&ms i think normal m&ms but yes when you say pringles i doi think s cream and onion thats just how it is

what?? i didnt say i wouldnt care if spring went away. i said "spring could go away again ideK"

well what was shailene planning on doin if she hadnt been cut from tasm2? cuz she'd still be in those other franchises hmmmm

yea it came from you on a specific day but i dont wanna figure it out

oh ok well you dont hav to show those pics if you dont wanna tho i'd love to see em!!!!

wtf why would you watch cap1 w/out me when i said i wanted to watch it a long time ago? well idk we might have to see cap2 tomorrow night actually idkkkkkkkkkkkk

yea now i can truly be able to sympathize w/ doc ock and thats the dream

doi g that din is obviously sangritas and cajun creole spiced tempeh pieces with creamy grits

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dangit i thought i was goin to bed but then i remembered i had to finish the post

gob i second that you should write some slash of those ppl and show em how its did

tyt bout my food and specs

ok i guess i didnt have a lotta post to finish

it really annoys me when people love celebrities with squished faces

well you know. today i was bored and then i did my taxes and was still bored and then made a dinner that was okay

see you tomorrow para!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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