Thursday, April 17, 2014

real sugar...real good!

heyy gs.

wow i'm a bad goblin.  the last time i posted i forgot to say sorry for not posting and also i probably didn't respond to everything and also i just didn't really have much to say.  sorry gs!

yqw about your video

haha that version of 2048 is great.  wow i've won it so many times!

well i guess the stuff i did in the morning before my first class and how long i did it for was just an approximation.  i got up that early though because i went to bed without finishing my work so i had to get up early to do it before my class.

yeah that does make me feel better about dreaming so tyt hob!

hmmm what to say in this post....

i need to see cap america 2 soon!

tonight we had a really nice passover seder and all the food was so great!!

also miriam is getting sooo cute!  it was fun to see her being able to crawl!  haha also she kept saying a ton of stuff (gibberish not real words) during dinner and like laughing and smiling and just being so cute!

i'm really tired.  my eyes are hurting so much.  i'm also so cold right now

this summer i'm going to do some really great posts when i'm not constantly so stressed and busy and tired.

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