Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the birth of...the goat!

Heyyyyyyy gs!!!!

Yqw about your tumblr posts Gob

Aw g you should try writing a more realistic slash fic of that haha sounds like you would be the best man for the job

Yqw for the guide to beating 2048 tho I am disappointed to hear that it didn't help you :(

Well I had a really weird dream last night that Andrew Garfield was in my room taking pain medication and complaining about how it wasn't helping ease his pain.  Are you jealous of that?

Tyt about my pics but those are TIGER ears not cat ears doiiii

Yeah that's (part) of my tumblr blacklist haha

Yeah truuuu I do only have less than a month left of school wow

Yeah you can keep playing after 2048 oh yeah that reminds me

This is like the second time I got 4096 actually but look at that I have a 4096 and a 2048 I was on my way to 8192!!! But then I lost bum bum bum

Yeah I know sometimes you have to move the biggest number out of the corner but that doesn't mean you will lose you can still win I mean look at that game my biggest number isn't in the corner. And even if you keep the biggest number in the corner that doesn't mean you will win either I have lost without my biggest number getting out of the corner it's not a trick that makes you win for sure or makes you lose for sure if you don't do it it's just a thing that can help you.

That Spider-Man makeup is something.  So that's how you get Gwen's daytime look but how do you get Spider-Man's daytime look haha

Yeah but remember that creepy baby from the Rugrats that was in Angelica's little brother in her dream?  Just reminding you that a babies can be creepier than that.

Because that doesn't seem like a good night to have a big dinner bc it's a Monday??? idk????

Okay so it wasn't confusing you just didn't care or

Well bc I wanted either peanut butter or mint m&ms but I didn't know which or I didn't really care so I just said m&ms that's completely normal anyway you don't have to say the whole name of the thing that you want.... If I said I wanted pringles you would know I wanted sour cream and onion pringles because those are the best you wouldn't think I just wanted regular pringles so why can't you just think I also want the best kind of m&ms when I say I want m&ms???

Wait why do you not care if spring went away again???

Tbh id really g how Pete is back either I'm just going with it

Yeah dang those people that hecked over Shailene but also dang her a little bit still bc she's being like oh I don't even know if I want to come back I don't think I can do two franchise but I know she could do it!!!!! Bleh what was really annoying was in this interview she was with one of the guys in her other movie and she was asked about Spider-Man and the other guy like answered for her????  Like wtf shut up you don't know her life.  I hate that guy even though I don't even know who he is I hate him.

But wasn't the thing supposed to come for me on a specific day??  So what day was that really???

Tyt aboyt my pics!!!! I'm sorry for making them so small!!!!  Yeah actually I've most been drawing things for the fic I'm writing like just like scenes that I have in my head or that kind of thing to inspire me so I haven't been posting them. I guess I could post a couple of them if you really wanted

Ummm yeahhh I guess we could watch Cap1 on Friday tho the thing is I watched it last weekend to prepare myself.....I guess I could watch it again tho.  So when are we gonna see Cap 2 then on Saturday or

Wow that spider thing sounds like a nightmare. Haha well now you know the struggles of Spider-Man's villains when they are trying to kill him but he just won't die

Nice din!!!! Except I can't quite identify what it actually is

Nice specs also!!!!

Wow you know what I have tho is like a ton of vids that I haven't posted I should post one

Okay here it is

Wow the sky is a really pretty color right now I just tried to take a pic of it but it didn't really work bum bum bum

Well that's all have a nice day!!!!

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