Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hot dogs

hey gsssssss

wow i am starting this post at 12:06 am this time!!! have you won 2048 a lot of times??????  i've played it so many times but never won! D:

aw g it rained a lot here today too but at least it wasn't hailing.

haha that would not be nice to try to get rid of me just so that poem would be true!

i wonder if they thought about the fact that spiders actually do have eggs when they made that or were they just thinking about spider-man themed candy eggs

oh and speaking of weird spider-man stuff that commercial with the baby spider-man is really weird.  ideg how that was a commercial for that brand of water.

oh yeah i got a tumblr!!!!!  you should follow my blog!  though right now there is nothing good on there but i am still like finding blogs to follow and stuff.  i followed a thor blog on tumblr so now he won't come after me anymore.

today we went to this new kosher deli that opened recently and my mom didn't like the soup but the corned beef sandwhich i got was pretty good and the bbq tofu cm and hob got was good.  we were going to go to laser tag but it was closed!!  we went to ihop for dinner though and that was really good.

aw g we need a game for april.  though i might continue the march game that i didn't finish on the side

hob says:
small cats.

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