Tuesday, April 1, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok im gonna respond to stuff in my next post on fri. and this will be quicky again.

today was a really great day but i feel bad for gob that he missed the day. tho para missed it too but thats dif. well i met a lil baby. she is a Cute Baby. then i ate a yummy dog. then bopped around. then ate a yummy cuppy. then juicie. then other stuff idk i dont feel like sayin it all. i also ate more yummerz. then we tried to find a tgiving place. then cm found his dream home. he's never wanted anything more

yesterday me gob and cm watched thor 2. but thor will still come for gob

beep boop

aw yea i finally got my april work schedule and i was worried that i would hav to work on paras bday and i didnt want to request it off cuz i had already taken off the real passover day and i took off a ton of other days. well anyway i dont have to work that day. wait when the heck are we gonna see cap2??? that same day or?

bye bye bye

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