Monday, April 28, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok gob

yea i did not ask noah to post for me so he is our greatest mystery. well apparently he reads this blgo always so maybe he'll tell us what went. hi noah

wait so doc ock is still alive. i still dont kno what even happened

g i keep having fears where i go to the comic book sstore and the only cover they have is that one you dont like. what if that occurs. btu yea im going on thurs.

that seem weird of your latin professor to do but ok

yea i havent worked on that petermj mix in a while but i will. today one of my greatest petermj songs came on the radio and i screamed the whole time

tru about seeing tasm2 w mom. ok let me tell you remember when we were seeing cap2 w her and she was like "i bet thats bucky" and i was like ok please stop this and then later when i knew the who the hell is bucky part was coming i was tihnking to her please dont say antyhgin please dont say anything but she made an annoying noise and then she was like i told you and i was like ok first of all you ruined this moment and second of all youre prob the only person in this whole theater who didnt already kno this. well anyway

i say we head back to the mortal world

haha omg i think i remembered that movie when i was crackling eggs incredible

um the helpful stuff i foudn was a few dif things but mostly this. also kinda this but mostly just for the dl links. thanks phil.

aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may aunt-may

wow thats crazy that you made your lil cuties on a place that just had normal stuff on it. if oyu know wha ti mean

ok bub that vid has twice as many notes as last night even. can i believe this

what tasm2 ppl in nyc? dang it

it was really good pizza but not as good as the pizza i ate in knoxville

ok i like your idea fo rblowing up the comm center

nice list of cards!!!!!!!!!i love so many ppl on there and the ones i dont love icqcme to get 2 kno. unless theyre a worthless person cuz i know we hav cards of yucky babies. but i still wanna kno em i guess. wow imagine all the games we will play w these cards. i love our cards

i said it was 200 assassinations rmmbr and you were like but then he owuld be really old. well truns out hes only 24 days older than in cap1. haha jk

i didnt eat dinner in the family room i meant like i went in there then ate dinner out of there. well the wiimotes are wokrin again but

what the fck of all the movies to have a midnight premiere at that place but of all the days for it to be on. well i wouldnt want oyu to see it w out me so im a lil glad but still im frowning a lil

oooooo yea cool peterjohnny

aw yeaaaaa i like that game idea!!! whos gonna think up these scavengers

dang that peter being in a few issues every month soon. our only hope is he will die again so we wont have this and then you can keep up your record

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang i love tha tvid i just love it

today i did what i did and then i went to baja sol which was really yummy and then i went to target for no reason even though it was raining and cold a lot and i didnt wanna get outta that car and i looked at the bucky action figs but i decided i wanted one of those bobbly things instea and then i bought a movie and then i came home and got some jamz and then i made a burger and i loved my burg

pela,se end my tlife

wow i jus realized that bucky and steve in cap2 look kinda like sam and dean haha

now im deleting the next two days from existence. especially wendesy

oo yea i have 48 jamz. thats how many i had last year

welp i guess i cant come and get para after all. cool

i realy wanna watch poohs grand adventure the searhc for christopher robin

wow i keep imaigng me like working every day next motnth and being at work like "im dead but its ok becuz at least i have my winter solider hoodie". but ther eare dreams that cannot be. and there are storms we cannot weather

bleh i wish it was time to go to duluth. i want my jamz and my comz and my hotelz and my otherz. wow every time at work for the last like 5 months whenever i pour a hot choc or cappuccino from the machine im like i wish i was at the hotel in dululu doin this


okie dokie

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