Saturday, April 12, 2014

hail hydra

Hey gs!!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!!

God really hecked up.

Ah nice display for National Siblings day.

That dream is something.  I don't think I have ever even been in Victoria's Secret but okay.

Okay the other night I had a dream that I was Sam Winchester from an alternate universe where I lived with my Aunt May and Uncle Spock and then I met regular Sam and regular Dean and also Dean from my universe was there and we had to get a hotel room where we had only two beds and so I slept in a bed with normal Dean because we decided that would be the least incestuous.

Also there was this other part of the dream that was sort of connected but not really but it was like I was me watching TASM2 for the first time except me, Hob, and mo were watching it on our tv and during all of the commercial breaks I kept looking stuff up online. Except it was also like I was Spider-Man in the movie too and I was going to this place where apparently there was this bomb or something that me and Gwen were trying to get rid of but I kept getting trapped under it and then there was like a flashback to my youth when I met a girl named Amy and then me watching it got really mad because I had never heard of this Amy so I looked it up online and discovered she was in like one comic a long time ago and I was like ok

And somehow this all connected to the dream with the Sams and Deans because there was like this inter-universe conspiracy to destroy everything with spaceships or something idk.

Are you jealous of that dream, Gob?

Idk about Gwen's daytime look but I haven't seen TASM2 yet maybe after I see that I will understand maybe she has a really dramatically different look for nighttime we just don't know.  In my dream it was night and she looked the same but that doesn't mean anything.

Um those other Rugrats babies are a little bit creepy too if you think about it tbh

Well try to change your ways to thinking about dif kinds of m&ms.

Well maybe if Shailene wasn't cut out of TASM2  she would still want to be in it because she would have to be maybe she really does still want to be in it and that other guy is just putting words in her mouth yeah that's probably it.

Well then I guess we will never know what it was that came for me

Well clearly it was good of me to have watched Cap1 without you bc we didn't watch it together before seeing Cap2 even though we could have.  I wanted to watch it again to prepare myself and I was pretty well prepared I would say.

I still cannot sympathize with Doc Ock even tho I feel like Slott was really trying to get me to in SSM I just couldn't do it.

Oh doi

Tyt about my vid.

What is a celebrity with a squished face try giving an example

Well here I am at home.  I'm waiting for it to be time for our dinner.  Well not our dinner I guess yet but our seder to start at least.  Today we saw Cap 2.  It was soooo good!!!  In a min I will say my thoughts on it.  Hopefully we might see it again later tonight haha.  So I have to write this post now.







*Sam and Steve are so small they were the smallest they just did small things
*Bucky is small too small and sad
*Bucky and Steve tbh
*When there was baby Steve that was cute
*I liked every part except for that one line you know the one
*Well a lot of parts were really stressful tho like the part with Fury in the car
*And the elevator
*And so many parts
*That was hilarious to me tho when Steve tried to sacrifice himself again at the end haha
 *Okay the real questions is what's gonna happen in Agents of SHIELD now that SHIELD is gone????
*The other real question is where was Hawkeye during all of this

Welp gtg I'll finish this later

Ooops oops oops I'm out of time gotta post this have a nice day!!!!

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