Friday, April 4, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

well i am home :(::):(:()(:)(((((:()):))))):(((((((((((((


STOP THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW DO YOU WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont like th pics ones either tho. also i didnt want spider-man to be the last pic. the last few pics were worthless cuz gob put them in when i was brbing. haha

today i listened to a song called spidereggs

the other day i saw spider-man makeup

ok that commercial was something. that baby looked creepy imo

yea same you better post more stuf fon your tumblr gob or you will lose my follow

haha the thing i had at the kosher deli was really delish so i would say that was better but ihop was like idk i think every one was really hungry so it seemed really good idek. no it was good. espec my hash browns. i want them right now

aw g idk aprils game

doi g what i meant by real passover was the day that passover is really on? like i thought we would be celebrating passover on that day so i took off for it. oh well. i shouldnt hav done that cuz its a monday and i never work on mondays anyway. oh well. ok it jus seems like there will be a lot goin on on that same day but i guess we can see it then? tho friday night could work. oh boy yeah you're comin home one week frm today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats a dum morris theater. and a dum friend. wtf who could hate cap???? get a new friend please

nice comic thoughts!!!!!!! wow you sure had a lot to say abt ultimate spider-man. some of the stuff you said after your thoughts i didnt really kno what you were talkin bout but ok

i cant imagine wishing for m&ms. they're...........m&ms.........

gob thor is still comin for you even tho you followed a thor blog. like all that rain the other days still happened after you followed the blog and we kno that was thor's doin so yea you're gettin it good

aw g that bbq tofu was so dang good. if i lived there i would eat it all the time. i want it now. yea that was too bad about laser tag

para idg why you keep playin 2048 even tho you've won. when i win im never playin again

omg para thats an amazing dream you had!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it comes tru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tho yea that seem weird for you to hav had that

yea g thats the happy song i meant. that seems like a weird song to be used for that parody. like it seems like a big stretch to make it work idek

omg that cutie mj in spider-man suit!! i just love her!!!!

aw g we had like 6+ inches of snow yesterday. tho everyone seems to hav forgotten that last year it also snowed in april but it was even later than this? wow why does no one have a memory

same about when is it spring. bleh it was spring in indiana and tennessee please dissolve me

dang you actually finished the game. nice!

ok nothin really to respond to in gob's post from some days ago. except its makin me miss my trip. and i want that pizza we had

daaaaaaaaang nice super spider-man thoughts para. it is makin me want to kno what happen

that spider-verse sounds like something. well i was not joking about how many mjs. i want it. and i want them to meet. and i want to meet them

yea g the thing came for you. try to think what it could have been

ok that poster is really messy. but i still want this movie

im confused about these variant covers as well

no i was being like wow at noah cuz of that time when he was like "idc where we go to dinner" and then like "no i dont wana go to good earth" cuz thats the same as what his friends were doing and he complained about

aw dang those guys are small. ok the guys im talkn about are pete and harry in case you dont kno

nice game stuff

ok i did it i responded to all the stuff!!!!!!!!!

last night i had a dream that i was harry potter which i hav not had in years. i was tryna kill snape and i had to gather all these items in order to do it so i gathered them and then i went in a room to kill snape but then dumbledore called me into his office which was across the hall and he gave me a talking to because i had rushed gathering the items or something. actually im not sure if i was harry potter or me but

bleh i wish i was still in indiana. when i was there i sort of wanted to come home for a few reasons but bleh blah blooh. well i wanted my babies but there were babies there. and i wanted to cook some stuff but idek.

today i took a nap and skater was snuggly and when i woke up she had turned orange

that was my day

heres a pic i drew a few days ago of me killin the person who created 2048 :)


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