Monday, April 7, 2014

lima bean

heyyyyyyyy gs

aw g para at least ya only like one month of schoolio left

yea gobs 10 post one was my fav but both those posts were so good. yea that dang grilled cheese. that reminds me of a thing i reblogged of french toast. bleh grill me a cheese.

oh ok me and gob were wondering if you could keep playin after you got to 2048. wow i would not let that thing happen to me where i try to get to 4096 no way.

ok buddy dang it whenever anyone tries to tell you how to win 2048 literally all they say is "try to keep the big numbers in the corner" and its like DOI I KNO THAT YOU BIG GLUG BUT SOMETIMES ITS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THAT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk you were jus tryin to help so tyt. but yea i keep havin to get my numbers out of the corner real quick and then everything gets real hecked up. altho that is not sure way to def win cuz one time i had a 1024 in the corner and everything nice and lined up next to it and then i lost

here i today snapped some pics of the spider-man makeup

heres the display:

heres um some nail polish:

and heres something:


idk if i would say all babies look a lil creepy. well maybe but not on the level of that baby

well doiiiii i was obv talkin about the first night of passover when we would have our dinner? why would i be talkin bout a dif day

yes well get ridda this matthew

ok it wasnt necessarily confusing what you were sayin it was jus like you were sayin all this stuff and it was like ok buddy. idk

yea peanut butter m&ms are p good but did you say those? no you jus said you want m&ms so me thunk you just wanted normal ones

aw ggggg i love that dream you had. i wish i had had it instead of oyu too but sorta not bc the fact that you had it is somethin

yea but ppl seem to be reacting to snow in april as if they never seen it before. well today and yesterday was so nice!!!!!!!!!! spring has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is amazin cuz last year we not only had snow in april but we had no spring. which no one seems to remember. so i didnt think we would have that but we got it did. tho spring could go way again idek

yes i will try to finish my gam

ok tyt for tellin me what happened in ssm but still what even. idg how pete is back really

dang that shailene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but mostly dang those ppl who hecked her over

well g maybe someday you'll realize what came for you and you wont be happy about it. it came for you on a day. try to think up the worst thing that came for you on a day and you may kno

cool day

oooooooooooooooooo i was wonderin where that otp drawing challenge went!!!! also i was wonderin why you havent been drawin a lotta stuff or maybe you have been but not posting them. well i loved these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice and small!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya hecked up and made em too small!!!!!!!!!!

wow that blacklist. jus get up offa that internet. jk. well at least in a few days you can take those cap2s offa there. wait that reminds me can we watch cap1 on fri night cuz i really wanna i only have seen it 1.5 times and i dont really have a way to watch it and yea

wow gob ok the night you posted your post i was reading old posts on thegoblog before i went to sleep and i guess i left open an old post of yours but i didnt read it and i went to sleep before you posted your post and then in the morn that old post was open and i read it thinking it was your new post and it was a really bad post so i was like ok. but it kinda made sense that it coulda been that day cuz you were like "this is gonna be a really short post cuz we just got back from the concert blah blah blah" and i knew you went to a thing that day but i was confused cuz you were like "and when we got home seth needed to use the computer for something important so i couldnt post right away" and i didnt think seth went with you and also i didnt kno what "the computer" was supposed to mean. haha anyway your post was way better compared to that old gob's post. or young gob i mean

ok bud i have now seen some posts being posted on your tumblr so i wont unfollow ya

aw g you shoulda thought to get the tofu wrap

yea g you saw that pic i drew some days ago but i was showing it to para

okie dokie

yesterday a disaster struck. here was it: i was bout to take a shower and then i noticed i spider in there so i HAD to get rid of it but i tried to imagine squishing it in a tissue and i jus couldnt make me do it cuz i dont wanna squish a thing between my fingers and kill it and i guess i coulda picked it up on a tissue and moved it outta there but i didnt wanna so then i thought doi i'll jus wash it down the drain. well i turned on the faucet and then i had to watch the spider struggling for its life tryna climb to higher ground and then i was like ok this aint gettin it did so i had to reach in there and stop up the drain and then i had to watch the thing slowly die and then it was this little ball of dead spider and i had to unplug the drain and then when all the water was out THE THING WAS STILL THERE so i had to fill it up again and by this time i wanted to hurl and then that time it went down the drain. phew

heres my game of thrones thoughts i guess
spoilery spoiler spos

*well that ep was not v good
*a lot was boring and some stuff i only half paid attention to oh well
*that cersei and jaime scene was SO WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!! it was ooc espec for cersei and like im so mad we didnt get to pick up where we left off w/ their reunion bc we went right from not knowing whats gonna happen to cersei being unhappy w jaime and we didnt get to see the part where shes so glad hes back!!!!!!!! what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!! also wow some of that stuff in there made no sense bc they had to put in dumb stuff since jaime came back at the wrong time like in the book shes angry at him for coming back to late to save joffrey but this was like "you got here to late" "wtf i got it did the best i could" "well youre too late" ok............????????? at least we're sitll apparently gonna hav the altar sex but it will be all wrong
*ok i thought the purple wedding was gonna be near the end of the season so now i hav no idea what will happen this season? are they gonna go into the fourth book? am i prepared for that? dont they think they should slow their horses cuz is that 6th book gettin out any time soon?
*tho when we get into the 4th book stuff it wont be as good as readin the book cuz theyre obv gonna mix it w stuff from the 5th one so it wont be like the 75% cersei show but oh well
*at least we had those sansa scenes. that put tears in me eyes. espec that scene w ser dontos when she had some smiles. wow dang it
*thats all that has to be said

daaaaaaaaaaang you kno how i jus went on a trip and had jamz for it well im goin on another trip two weeks from today and i need jamz but i have none and idk how to find them and bluhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. and then about a week after i get back frm that im goin to duluth and i need my dululu jamz but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks on ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm today was p good cuz ok the last few nights ive been goin to bed early and then waking up early so i woke up kinda early this morn and it was nice and then i went to yoga oooooooooo and then i had a yummy leftover greek taco and then didnt do a whole lot and then i made a nice dinner:

well well well yesterday i got new specs so i will show em:

theres a lotta photos in this post

ok this post is prob a mess cuz i wrote dif stuff for it at dif times and put stuff where it lived but im not goin to read it over i dont care

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