Thursday, April 3, 2014

vengeance from goat!

Heyyy gs!!!!

Guess what

I don't like the versions w pictures tho really bc it's hard to keep track of the orders the pictures go in but it kind of makes it worth it when the last pic is Spider-Man haha

Haha idk it's kind of weird if they actually meant it to be like spider eggs......  Spider-Man doesn't actually have eggs bc he is a man. Wait I just realized that one time he turned into a pregnant spider but how can that happen if spiders lay eggs.... Haha well that is the least of our worries about that storyline I think.

Yeah that commercial is kind of weird but I also like it. I think the baby thing is just that brand's normal marketing thing idk.

Well I'm following your tumblr now but you can't posted anything since I started following you so what's the point.

Haha so are you saying that ihop was better than the kosher deli?

Aw g what's our April game? We need it

Wait Hob I thought we were having Passover on my bday so what do you mean by real Passover day?  That's goos that you don't have to work that day though bc that would ruin all of our plans. Well yeah when else would we see Cap 2?  Well I mean I guess we could see it Friday night if you really want to.

Cap 2 isn't playing in the Morris theatre either wtf.  I mean we're gonna see it next weekend so nbd really but just why.  Well it might come to Morris eventually idk but it's not on the website.  Wow my friend apparently wants to see it w me but idg why because he hates Cap???????  Well I don't want to see it with him because I know he will just insult Cap the whole time and I don't want that.

Okay Hob you need respond to this post plus my last one plus the one before that don't forget.

Okaaaaay it's let's talk about comics time!!!!!!

She-Hulk #3
*Okay the last I saw of Kristoff he was Dr. Doom so I'm not sure how he got to this situation...
*Wow I wish I had a lil monkey that took notes for me!!!
*Coffee Bean!!!!!  Since 1962!!!!!!!!
*Wait is he saying that Captain America was a doombot or just that doombots were involved?
*So does Angie have like persuasive superpowers or.....
*Doubtful that that was really Dr. Doom just saying

Ultimate Spider-Man #200
*Apparently I like to start reading series by coming in on the very last issue
*Okay I only read this because I was curious about the ending that was supposed to make people scream but I didn't scream because I didn't really understand it
*I guess I'll have to read the new series to understand it dang it that was their plan all along I suppose
*Well it was a cute issue
*Actually no it wasn't it was a horribly sad issue and I cried while reading it
*Miles is really cute tho like a cute lil baby Spider-Man I guess kind of like that commercial haha
*MJ has a new bf in this universe too wowww MJ is moving on all over the place
*I dislike Liam though he just seems boring and just kind of annoying and MJ doesn't seem that into him why is she even dating this guy
*Okay the only person in this issue I didn't know is Lana????  Is she Jessica's gf???  Please tell me she's Jessica's gf or at least that Jessica is actually into her I mean that last panel of them in the car was really something
*Okay but for real in my opinion Jessica HAS to be into girls because Peter was and Jessica is basically Peter but a different gender so if she's not into girls then its like saying that someone's sexuality would depend on their gender and that's stupid. Well I think it's canon that Jessica likes girls bc I think she liked MJ but idk really I hope so.  BUT OKAy if Jessican's not just into girls like we know she kissed Johnny, then the same thing should go for Peter!!!  If Jessica is bisexual then I'm sorry but Peter has to be bisexual too those are the rules. If lil baby Jessica wanted to kiss Johnny I think that's a pretty clear indication that Peter would want to kiss Johnny too.  And I'm not just saying that bc PeterJohnny but come on.
*"There's going to be food" haha Bobby is me for real
*Wow that picture of Peter what a nerd
*I cried at the hot dogs okay
*The true mystery of this issue is what's in the box
*Okay this Liam thing and this thing with Gwen kissing Ganke is pissing me off bc clearly if Peter's dead and Gwen and MJ are still alive Gwen and MJ should be getting together.....
*I feel bad for Aunt May because none of the adults she invited showed up and she was stuck with a bunch of teenagers haha
*Noooooooooo cute Miles and Peter please god no please just no please PLEASE NO
*Aww Miles likes 616 Pete tho that's so cute
*"Unless, I don't know, he hated me" NO BUDDY WHY he would never hate you!!!!
*Kitty's page is so cuteee I'm so sad!!!!
*Also grown up Peter in Kitty's imagination would have TASM 2 Andrew Garfield hair haha
*Bobby wants to mix Ultimate Spider-Man with Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends I am in full support of this as long as Ms. Lion is in it
*Why did Johnny not get a double page spread of what he thought Peter would be like that's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Okay well we know the real reason is that it be exactly like Kitty's bc obviously Johnny also wanted to fight crime with and get married to Peter
*GwenMJ hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Is it Peter
*Is Peter alive
*Okay here's the reasons why it might be Peter
*It looks like him tho its hard to tell from the back I mean he didn't have that long of hair when he died but maybe it grew we don't even know what happened to him if that's really him
*Um some people are saying it looks kind of like a girl but what kid do we know that perpetually looked kind of like a girl oh yeah Peter
*Who else would be watching a GWENMJ HUG
*No but for real I can't think of anyone else it could be that would be watching Aunt May and Peter's friends and stuff
*Parker luck dictates that Peter would come back from the dead when the three girls that liked him are all involved in new relationships haha
*It's very hip and cool to bring Peter Parker back from the dead right now all the cool kids are doing it
*Here's the reasons why it might not be Peter though
*Bendis hates me and wants me to suffer
*Um well last I checked he was dead

Okay when is the first issue of the new series coming out the wiki says April well it's April I'm ready for it.  Jk bc this just came out yesterday but

Oops that was a really short thing for She-Hulk and really long thing for Ultimate Spider-Man.....oh well

Okay wow that is probably the highest numbered new issue I will read for a long time since Marvel seems to like rebooting series when they get up to like issue twenty something usually.

If Peter does come back then he can be in Spider-Verse right???  Well I don't see why he couldn't anyway but.  OH BUT WAIT maybe he will be in Spider-Men 2????  I could see that happening because I mean Bendis already did the 616 Peter meets ult Miles thing so it'd be more interesting to add ult Pete in there too.  OH WAIT MAYBE 616 Miles will be in it too and then the four of them can jam.  And by jam I mean fight  crime probably OR THEY COULD START A BAND!!!!  This a very good idea a Spider-Man band featuring two Miles' and two Petes.

I wish I had some m&ms!!!!

I'm sorry that half this post was talking about Ultimate Spider-Man!!!!

That is all have a nice day!!!!!!!

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