Tuesday, April 8, 2014

too much to do

heyyy gs.

tyt about my tumblr posts para and hob!!!

tyt hob for saying you won't unfollow me.

haha so on this radiohead blog i'm following they've reblogged some thom/jonny slash like twice now...i read some of it and like it's so awkward and totally unlike what i even imagine them being like as people irl.

tyt for the guide to beating 2048 para though i feel like i've tried all of those things but i will keep trying.

nah you can continue to keep dreaming.  i just am jealous of your dreams.

nice pics you drew!!!  haha peter does not look amused at wearing cat ears.

is that a blacklist for tumblr?

yay i'm glad that i am better than young gob at posting now!

nice food pictures!!!

nice new specs!!

today was long and busy and tiring and i have a headache and tons of homework to do so that is all i really have to say about my day

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