Saturday, April 5, 2014

moshed potato

heyy gs.

noooooooooooo! stop winning 2048 para! D:

i'm going to come up with a better tumblr page and name and stuff and post more stuff and just use tumblr a lot more in general soon.  please be patient and don't unfollow me though gs!!!!  i will post some great stuff on there very soon.

well i liked the ihop better than the kosher deli but the bbq tofu thing hob and cm had looked like it was a lot better than the corned beef sandwhich i had.

aw g, stop having cool/interesting dreams gs!  i don't usually remember many of my dreams and if i do they are really worthless ones.

nice pic of you killing the person who made 2048 hob!  oh yeah, though i saw that a couple days ago already

wow that's crazy about getting 6+ inches of snow.  it felt really cold here on thursday but it didn't snow or anything and i think it was mainly just because of the wind.

today we went to the symphony and that was really good.  we ate at denny's afterwards for dinner and it was nowhere nearly as good as ihop :(

haha so cm and i were only going to jam and play some music for like 5 minutes when we got home but we ended up doing it for like an hour.

sorry this post is kinda short, i didn't realize it had gotten this late.

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