Sunday, April 27, 2014

the goat battle!

Hey gs!!!!

Dangit Gob is dead.  My only regret is that he didn't live to see cap 2 or tasm2

Wow here I was thinking you had told Noah to post for you but he just did that??? Why did he even???

Tyt about my comic thoughts.  Well yeah although that Superior Spider-Man team up was the last one also but also it didn't even hardly have Superior Spider-Man in it it just had Doc Ock I don't really get what the point of it was but okay

Yes pls get me my comic this week.  Although I still can't decide if I should read it on Wednesday or wait to read it until I get my hands on my own copy idk

Tyt about my day I ate dinner at my Latin professor's house bc she invited us to her house to have dinner doi

She wanted to play it though it's not fault I didn't try to destroy her life

Well I said I can't remember what that free lunch was for so I don't know

Aw g just try to make that fanmix. Though more importantly make that PeterMJ fanmix

Haha yeah tho mom seeing tasm2 by herself would also be rusty tho if we didn't have to see it with her it might save us from her dumb questions I guess

Well maybe we can still see cap2 a third time who knows

Well I never forgot that cooking hsm I think of it every time I crack eggs for some reason

What was the helpful stuff that you found about the cap comics tho

Idk what to change my url to actually

Tyt about my lil cuties I made them here

Yeah those are dif than that other Bucky well obviously bc its a completely dif style but ok.  I tried to make those other ppl with that same one but it couldn't be done they didn't have good hair or clothes for anyone else

Aw g I guess that song doesn't want to be on youtube well maybe this will work

Dangit you were in nyc at the same time as all those tasm2 people

Was it good pizza tho is the real question

Wow when I saw cap2 again there was just a gotg trailer and thats it that was the only trailer

Nice game of thrones thoughts!

I am praying that the community center will burn to the ground but it might not be enough I would suggest planting a bomb inside it next time you go just to make sure my praying is successful

I'm making a ton of more Marvel cards haha okay here's the ones I've made so far
*Jessica Jones
*Aunt May
*Red Hulk

Wow that looks like a lot but that's fine all of those people are so important they need to join the party

Haha same about the freezer thing that would be the life I would trade my left arm for that

Who said it was 200 assassinations?

Wow that is definitely Gob's best post no doubt about it

Then each week would be a day.

Same I'm gonna unfollow Gob if he don't step it up

Nice day but why did you eat dinner in the family room? Also dangit we need that wii to be fixed

Did you know that the Morris theater's going to have a midnight premier of tasm2 but I have an exam the next day in the morning anyway? Thanks Obama

ALERT ALERT PETERJOHNNY IN THE PREVIEW FOR THE SECOND ISSUE OF ASM Wowwwwwwww I need it right now this is what we have all been waiting for folks

Also wow this new trailer for the tasm2 video game looks amazing!!!!

I'm hungry but there's nothing

I have an idea for next month's game maybe tho idk if we are tired of picture taking games or not but how about like well it would sort of be like a scavenger hunt and there would be a list of things you need to take a picture of and post them before the month is gone and some of them would be easy like a picture of yourself and some of them could be more hard like a picture of a walrus.  Except that wouldn't be one they would be still be easier than that but

Wow ever since I started reading comic books I have bought I think almost every single new issue that has Peter Parker in it.  But that was not that hard because he was dead most of the time now that he's alive I don't think I will be able to do that because he will be in a few issues a month at least. Dangit

Hello I also made this video

Have a nice day!

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