Friday, April 25, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyy gs

jus doin it

ok i dont know whats happening on this blog. me couldnt post on my day cuz i didnt get back til like 3 am after i was supposed to post. and i only had my kindle so it wouldnt hav been v good anyway. but i dont know whats gobs excuse. and i dont kno what noah is doing here. i guess technically noah posted for me so its fine but did i ask him to

ooooooooooo nice comic thoughts. thats unfortuante that you had to read about reed and doc ock. wow we thought we were done w superior spider-man but it turned out we still had superior spider-man team-up. hm when am i gonna get paras comic? probably next thurs. wow for some reason i kept thinking that came out on april 27 but then i was like wait a sec thats a sunday. ok

cool day why did you eat dinner at your latin professors house


i dont care if moms playin 2048 but its like wow way to heck up her life. jk idk if shes played it that much but you kno

oh yea well same about that day of our seder. that was a day and i want it

well like if you had to do for a free lung whatever they were wanting you to do for a free lunch

ok apparently cap1 is on some dif countries' netflixes so maybe ill watch it soon. probably the whole thing bc whatever.

yea that fanmix i found was really great but if i made one it would be a lil dif like the songs would be more specific to steve/sam but idk if i will

haha but its a lil funny to imagine mom going and seeing tasm2 by herself like in duluth or w/e

ok tyt for clearing up that we havent seen the last of mj. the person who said that is dead to me

aw g im jelly about me seeing cap2 again too because now thats already happened and i want to see it a third time. whatever that just meant that i said. well you know

idk why we're remebering that cooking hsm but i just remembered it and i was like its all coming back to me now

same i went thru a few of the songs on that fanmix to see what was goin but the other 90 songs are a mystery

ok that was not v helpful about those cap comics but its ok i found some more helpful stuff

noah jus came home and he grumpin

yeaaaaaaaa i got my good url my life has meaning now. aw g are you gonna change your url to aunt-may pls

tyt bout my haircut!!!!!!

tyt bout my day and got thoughts

idk where noah was. he was at pauls house one day and i guess he was home afterall the day when i didnt kno if he was. so i guess i do kno where he was. well.

wow congratz on your 50k!!!!!!!!! thats something!!!!!!!!!!!

nice lil cuties!!!!!!! where didchoo make em? these are dif than that other bucky you made right

bleh that vid you made aint working!!!! dang nab it!!!

nice day

idk why its so cold in here. well its not but

ok gob hows our cousin camp comin now

aw g icqcml whenever i think about how we were lookin for a tgiving house and then we found that giant one and cm kept goin on about it and that was the end of that

hahah nice dream. i think you should devote the rest of your life to trying to understand it. the other night i had a dream that i went to starbucks.

tyt about my hair!! well i think its time para had some new hairs

same i wish i had some indian food rn



the other day me and my friend drove to nyc and saw les mis on broadyw. that was crazy. i saw spider-man walking around in the middle of times square. also there was a giant digital poster for his new movie.

also i went to a pizza place where chris evans has eaten. well idk there was a pic of him on the wall w the owner of the place or w/e so i think that means he ate there? anyway i was tryin to escape white guy hell and it followed me to this pizza place.

oo when i saw cap2 yesterday there was th guardians of the galaxy trailer and i liked it more this time. that was the only marvel trailer tho which was funny to me cuz last time that was the only marvel trailer that we didnt have

ook heres my game of thrones thoughts:


wow my duluth jamz are gonna be so good wtffffff. tho the price i have to pay is that my maryland jamz sucked on ice. like luckily the only times i needed them were on the plane rides but i was so done w them halfway through the first plane ride on the way there. and on the way back my flight was like 4 hours and i wanted boredom to throw me to my death

wow my may work schedule is trash. my only hope is that the community center will burn to the ground in a few days. please pray for me

para when oyu get back here you really need to make some more marvel cards. here are some v important ppl that i thought up that we need:
*mj doi
*falcon i dont think we have him or else i would have known him

im hungry

icqcme for duluth

but then after that i want to be destroyed

thats the dream

i wish someone would put me in a freezer and only wake me up whenevr a marvel movie comes out

it turns out bucky is responsible for 2 dozen assassinations not 200. but.

i wish someone would assassinate me

im hungry but i dont kno why we're having tofu again for the second time in two weeks. or three. and theres no broccoli in it again. whats the point

i found gobs best post ever

the one prob w my url is i keep tryin to go to it and accidentally going to fuckyeahpetermj

jk thats fine

peep peep peep

what if each day was 168 hours long and we took 7 naps throughout our day

ok gob better step up his tumblr blogging game

and his goblog blogging game for that matter but

wait let me say about my day. um woke up had a toaster strudel sat in the kitchen cuz there was a dead mouse in the family room and i got some jamz and watched some vids that hecked me up. and i ate some fettuccine alfredo. then mom came home and the mouse got cleaned up but it wasnt she who did it. but it also wasnt noah. then i went in the family room and ate an ok dinner and then we tried to watch breaking bad but the wiimotes werent working. oh and i listened to avril lavigne. yes that was my day

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