Monday, April 14, 2014

the musician's guide

heyy gs.

how did god really heck up para?

nah, i think i'll pass on writing slash fic about them.

haha nice national siblings day pictures!!

nice video para!!

i had a dream last night and i remember being so excited when i woke up and i could remember it really vividly but i went back to sleep and forgot the dream. :(  i'm going to try to remember to write down my dream next time that happens

i'm so exhausted and tired right now.

here's a rundown of what my day was like

6-8: i woke up, got ready for school, got my stuff all together, took a shower, etc.
8-12: i worked on my music composition and got the final draft of one of my pieces printed out
12-1: spanish class
1-2: practiced piano
2-2:30: composition lesson
2:30-3:30: lunch/nap
3:30-4:30: practiced clarinet
4:30-5:20: clarinet lesson
5:20-6: dinner
6-7: clarinet studio class
7-8: symphonic band dress rehearsal
8-now: doing homework and this blog post

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