Sunday, June 8, 2014

carolina honey

heyyy gs!

i'm back and i'm not dead and i'm not a ghost or anything like that!!!!!!

thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!

sorry i dropped the ball on blogging so much.  i just have been really busy with a lot of stuff like last weekend i was in Bloomington for four days because i was going to a comedy festival that seth gave me a ticket to for an early birthday and i was in bloomington for awhile some other day doing stuff and cm had a recital that i helped out with a lot and then i was feeling sick sometime in there too.

okay i'm going to make this a super awesome and super long post though to make up for all the posts i missed!!!!  i'm starting it even the day before i need to post it to ensure a lot of time for it!

also i plan on using tumblr more too.

yay i'm 21 now!!!!  i can legally drink and i can legally gamble!!!!  we went out to get sushi for dinner tonight and at dinner i also had my first legal alcoholic drink!  i ordered a  glass of plum wine and it was pretty good!

i got some really nice new earbuds specifically designed for running as a gift and also this new music synthesizer thing as a gift.  i think nathan and kasandra have something for me too.  ohh and i also got some really nice new t-shirts from old navy.

i've been really into aphex twin lately and listening to his music a ton.  this is such a great song.

here's a picture of a delicious vegan green tea donut i had in boomington!
 here's a cute picture of miriam i took while in bloomington!

oh this is really exciting...nathan and kasandra and miriam are like 90% sure that they will come to thanksgiving with us this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha poor spidey. 

wow yeah that is cool that it is confirmed that lupita nyong'o has a part in star wars episode vii!!!  so the rumor was that she is going to play this character named asajj ventress (the person with two lightsabers in the picture) but that rumor is pretty stupid to be honest and i have no idea where that would of got started.  plus the new movie is supposed to be 30 years after the last movie so she would be 80-90 years old or something by then.

also that is cool that the actres gwendoline christie from game of thrones will be in star wars.

ooh i got a really nice dslr camera from nathan for my birthday!!!  i'll have to try it out soon and take some great pictures for this blog!

hmm what else to say in this post...

yeah idk where our fishes and turtle went!!!! idk how to get them back either :(  i fed them every single day though so it's not my fault.  haha jj i hardly ever fed them.  i guess the avenger fish are so strong that they don't need people to feed them

yeah i haven't seen star trek into darkness still.  though cm watched it without me when i said for him to save it to watch it with me

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