Friday, June 27, 2014

the chicken loves its land!

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

hm like i shouldve been having a goal for each day like "im gonna clean this part of my room this day" instead of just being like "im gonna clean all day" cuz that woulda got it way more did

coolio day


goodness darn i really miss gob on the gob log

wellllllll today i slept p late bc i could not get to sleep last night and i woke up 2 times in the nite i thing just bleh. then i got some jamz n stuff. then i had pizza. then more getting jamz. wow i alreayd have 13 mad eyes. plus some of the jamz i got were just for now. then i went to work and wow crazy day at that place. just wow. thats all that can be said. then i had a sandwich

ooo we goin a-pickin tomorrow

ok let me jus finish up my fanmix real quick...

alright im jus doin these things outta order. its fine. so this is for the ship one and its peter/johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well theres no cover but i might put one in later

its called the spider and the lamp

1. your money | the indelicates

i've nothing but contempt for your money

2. envy | 116 clique

anything you can do i can do better than you

crazy compliments are hard for me to say
i can't stand the thought of someone else getting praise
wanting all the glory for myself what a shame

3. instant crush | daft punk

i listened to your problems
now listen to mine
i didn't want to anymore

and we will never be alone again
'cause it doesn't happen every day
kinda counted on you being a friend
can i give it up or give it away
now i thought about what i wanna say
but i never really know where to go
so i chained myself to a friend
'cause i know it unlocks like a door

4. guns and horses | ellie goulding

let's join forces

5. this is the day | the cranberries

i never had a friend like you
this is the day

but the wind might change
i will still remain
i will always be there for you

6. flame | bell x1

i wann be near you
and blink in your light

you brought your flame to the chambers of my heart

7. stocking | sarah siskind

you will call me christmas eve just like you do each year
both in town just for the week to be in family cheer
we'll meet down at our old spot and talk about what's new
hoping that the other hasn't found another true

8. timorous me | ted leo and the pharmacists

me and johnny sitting in the green grass
i don't remember too much from that far back in the past
but man, oh man, was jonathan a laugh
in those days
apparently he was my very best friend

9. welcome home (reprise) | radical face

happy new birthday, pete


ok do we relaly need any more categories

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