Tuesday, June 24, 2014

what do hair do

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

oooo nice fanmix!!!!

ok thats that.............................

bleh i have an almost did fanmix but not quite did enough

today i ate cereal and then went to work and it was a p good time cuz i saw my friend whos a lifeguard who i havent seen in a few weeks. nice. also it was a good amount of busy like not big lines ever or anything but not so slow that youre dead. anyway. then checked out the farmers market and went to the grocery and then i cleaned a lil or did i do that after dinner. well icr. then i waited for pizza. then pizza. then i cleaned if i didnt do that before dinner

bleh tomorrow i have to get up so early and go to airport to get them mom and dad. i want none of this. at least i dont have to work, it turns out. i guess.

goodness darn i want it to be friday wow wow wow owow. just for some good reasons.

ok im tryna listen to the kind of jam that i want to listen to but i cant find any jam like it. what

i have some good news. petermj

alright it occurred to me tht i been cleaning my room wrogn all along

this headphones hurt my ear


i need to live but how

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