Sunday, June 22, 2014

chapter 1

It was a dark and Stormy night. Storm had a story to tell. But the story that she told was it was a breezy little morning in the skies. Another man was telling people a lie. The lie was so good that everyone believed him.  His name was Wolverine. Wolverine knew that if he told everyone that Cyclops was wrong about his little thing then they would try to destroy him and then Wolverine could have Jean all to himself. That would be so good. After that he went to the store to buy some beer because he loved beer. He wanted to share it with his friend named Jean but she wasn't loving his hair. Wolverine didn't want to cut his hair because he loved it but he wanted to love Jean too. He was so confused about what to do so he called his friend, Beast, and asked about hair. "Beast, what do hair do?" Beast said, "Oh, buddy. You can't have your hair and your g because you look a mess." He called up Professor Bohrod to ask what she thought about hair. She said, "Oh, buddy. You can't can't have your hair and your g because you look a big giant mess." Beast had heard that before he said what he needed to say so he turned into Mystique and stabbed his friend, named Wolverine.  Wolverine said, "Ouch, buddy." And fell off his bed. Then he screamed, "I knew you were her!" Mystique just laughed because he had told her everything she needed know, so she loved herself so much that she just gave herself a hug. "I'm so good!" she screamed. Wolverine was just bleeding a lot but he didn't die. Then Beast came into the room and shouted, "What the fresh heck?" When Mystique saw this beast she started to cry, "Please let me be happy!" Beast said, "I don't want to."

Meanwhile, Jean was at her friend named Kitty's place and they were having so good times. They loved to dance around and just have fun. When Kitty was dancing she accidentally stabbed Jean but it wasn't that good because it was fatal and Jean was killed. Back at Wolverine's place, he was about to call Jean to ask her about his hair, so when he reached her he found nobody was alive. He was very angry at Kitty and himself. He drove off a cliff but he lived, unfortunately. Meanwhile, Kitty was very busy with school. She had so many works of fiction to read and so many little friends to love. That was so fun. 

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