Monday, June 9, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wb gob!!!!!!!!!!!! yea inbd really but it woulda been nice if you had taken a sec to tell us why you disappeared of the face of the blog but its fine

yea tru its more important for gob to have seen cap2 and tasm2 than star trek into darkness so did he

well that was good of us to see dofp that day i guess. now we got it did

tyt bout my day and lets talk about comics time and fanmix. tho how can you kno its a nice fanmix if you aint listened to it......................

im gonna respond to your responses to my comic thoughts

*no g i was saying i thought it was LONGER than an hour that passed cuz all that stuff happened right in there so yea
*nah ah cap wasnt like inbd he was like ".............." and then he was like tryna change the subject so??? that made me want to kno his?? tho at least hes still functioning or w/e unlike some. haha that thor just blowing it wow

nice day i guess

nice fanmix!!!!!!!!!!! tho how do i kno its nice if i aint listened to it

that pic we worked hard on. are there words for this

nice good ol post gob!!!

ooo icqcme for you to use tumblr more

is that donut from that vegan bakery place? i had the most good cupcake there. blh i want it

nice baby

or are the avenger fish so strong that they destroyed the normal fish and turtle. would steve rogers do this

you should get back at cm by telling him you'll save tasm2 to watch w him and then see it w/out him :)

today i went to the mall and got shorts and game of thrones poster and lotion and other. and had a p bad lunch adn a cold cuppy then sat around at that place and went to trader joe's and made dinner and ate a brownie

bleh tomorrows gonna suck. i want us to skip to wednesday. lets all do it.

wow yesterday a kid loki rp blog followed me and today it unfollowed me

wow s2 of orange is the new black is so good just end me. im on ep 7 and the last ep i watched wanted to end me for sure

please view this. just please:

ok heres my fanmix. its a thor fanmix. its not the best but i tried. sort of

well it wasnt long enough for 8tracks so i provided individ links to listen to the songs

monop' in this bitch again, changed the climate
hop in this bitch and get the same thing i'm in
until the day i get struck by lightning
i am a god

o, what have you done
disobedient son, you've broken the trust of your father's love

can't come home
even if it's all you want

birds fly over the rainbow
why, then, oh why can't i?

can you feel the thunder?
when i bow and arch the veil

i am the storm and i am the wonder
and the flashlights, nightmares
and sudden explosion

well that was that

dang it para you stole my fanmix category idea. ok well the next one will be...a hawkeye fanmix. you can interpret that however you want

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